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Tiddy lofts and a nice plumage are parasite repellent!

Within actual temperatures of more than 25°C, parasites feel very comfortable, especially during the breeding season and in the preparations for the exhibitions during fall. Many parasites can be present in and on the bird without even being noticed. An increased sensibility to all kinds of infections is often perceived.

The often unnoticed parasites (photosensitive) excrete via their eggs substances that cause itching. This will tease our birds especially at night and when they start the morning they are still tired. This leads to a considerable disadvantage of their physical condition and to feathers of poor quality.

Why is the regular use of Stopmite a good way to minimise the chance of infection?


  1. The special scent of the essential oils in Stopmite create a parasite repellent environment. Stopmite is mixed in the feed and after digestion it is excreted through the skin, the airways and feces. The breath of the birds, the excrements and the loft of your birds, get a special scent that is avoided by parasites.
  2. Thanks to the presence of clay, the body is detoxified by absorbing and neutralizing the ammonia from the feces. In this way, the air is less irritating to the airways. Scatter a layer of powder over the floor on the loft which makes the droppings dry out. This results in pure air rich in oxygen.
  3. Stopmite has a positive effect on the plumage of your birds.


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