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Why is a good intestinal functioning so crucial?

Comed is continuously focusing on a good intestinal functioning because the intestine is regarded as not only a nervous system that exceeds the brain but also because it is the largest food supplier.
The intestinal flora intervenes in the production of numerous hormones which are responsible for reflexes and instincts, the competitive drive and the mind.

For these reasons, Comed included Cometose to its caring scheme as the ideal intestinal conditioner.



Fibers retain water and swell up, together with the prebiotics they compose a very special and beneficial slime. This healthy slime resembles the mucous membrane of the intestinal wall. Pathogenic germs get stuck in this slime, preventing them from injuring the intestinal wall and they will then be expelled together with the droppings.


In the case of watery droppings or diarrhea, the present electrolytes dissolve in the retained water preventing the effects of dehydration. The chances of dehydration and thirst, during longer flights in warm weather, are thus prevented. The thirst incites pigeons to land and to go drinking.


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