A team of 15 passionate employees in heart and soul, work day by day to improve and develop new products. They are jack of all trades: medical advice, scientific knowledge and support, use of products, trainings and presentations and last but not least conceptual and graphic design.

Jean-Louis Jorissen
Manager/ Industrial Pharmacist
As industrial pharmacist, he's the captain of the ship. He has set the course to expand from a pharmacy to a wholesale business in veterinary medicines. He cares very much for the well-being of his personnel. As a father of 3 children, he and his wife Sonja mapped out the path together on which their three children Philippe, Marie and Frederic are walking on together now.

He considers his body to be a temple. He has a healthy lifestyle and keeps his spirit alive by walking and cycling. Since shortly, walking with his first grandchild is his number 1 activity.

Sonja Scherpenberg
Sonja doesn't see her customers as numbers, she's heartwarming to everybody. Employees and customers can always count on her. She takes care of the task division and manages both the businesses.

This mother and grandmother with a warm and big heart, never says 'no' to family time at sea with a delicious oyster and a well-earned glass of wine.

Marijke Janssens
Management Assistant
Marijke est un visage familier pour les vétérinaires. La plupart de son temps, elle traite les commandes entrantes et sortantes. Entre-temps elle aide les autres. Elle est attentive à chaque détail. Elle aime l'ordre dans la maison et le jardin.

Elle reste en forme avec Sam, son berger allemand. Une autre passion de Marijke est la dégustation de vin qu'elle pratique régulièrement avec son mari.

Ilse Verstraeten
It's her contagious laughter that sometimes echoes through the pharmacy. On a responsible way she fulfills her task as pharmacist excellent. She brings the needed structure as well as the warmth in our workplace.

She loves the good life: sipping a glass of wine with a view on the sea, playing golf or jogging by morning dew. Her children reflect her soft personality.

Peggy Vandersmissen
Logistics/Production assistant
Our colourful Peggy takes care of the labelling of our products. She literally and figuratively adds the last touches to your orders. Peggy measures the orders with the greatest care and lets the customer know when they will arrive.

Each year she goes with her family on vacation to cold as well tropical locations.

Inge Fastré
Pharmacy Assistant
Inge is responsible for the orders of the sanatoria. Both the administration and practical side she takes care off. Her peaceful approach is an example for many.

To recover from the summer festivals, she likes to relax with family and friends in la douce France.

Frederic Jorissen
Pharmacist/ Director/ Production Manager
Frederic is a chip off the old block. He has the final responsibility of the production process. He manages the stock, purchases the resources and carries out the quality controls.

His slogan is: a healthy spirit in a healthy body. Running a marathon, fitness and going for a ride with his vespa are only a few of his hobbies.

Marie Jorissen
Director/ Commercial manager
The resemblance between mother and daughter goes much further than the appearance. Marie knows how to take on work. Both in the pharmacy and Comed, she's an appealing and sympathetic colleague. She regularly gives lectures and maintains the contacts with the distributors.

Home sweet home... According to Marie, this could also be in Asia with a Mai Tai cocktail in her hand and enjoying steaming 'dim sum'.

Fabienne Robeyns
Even behind the scenes strong women are needed. Fabienne is our accountant, she's a loyal and reliable lady and accomplishes her daily tasks with the utmost punctuality.

She's a bon vivant, fashion, family and friendship are like the sun in her life. The south of Spain is her second home. She shares many beautiful moments with her husband and children there.

Anita Snellings
Maintenance Service
Anita keeps the production process going. She is responsible for the maintenance of the laboratory equipment, kettels, mixers and so on.

You can find this lovely lady regularly in her mobile home when she explores other countries with her rally-loving husband.

Ruth Kempeneers
Pharmacy Assistant
Ruth is the face of the pharmacy. She often works behind the counter. She makes the customers feel at home by listening actively to them. Next to that making preparations and setting out orders are part of her tasks.

In her dream house between the blossoms, the sweet smelling aromas of the flowers, give you the feeling you are in Italy. Everyone can count on this mother, who loves gardening.

Ilse Hamal
Sales Assistant
Ilse is our always good-humoured colleague. Customers can always rely on her. She answers phones and mails and follows your orders. She loves to show her creative side while designing logos and prints.

With an equally big passion as for her work, Ilse takes care of her children. Visiting the coast is one of their favorite trips.

Philippe Jorissen
Marketing manager/ Director
Philippe, the eldest of the three children, keeps himself busy with figuring out marketing strategies, strategic guidance and internal communication.
In Philippe's spare time, when he isn't together with his family, doing long beach walks, eating ice cream or building sand castels, he loves to cycle or run.
Francois Duda
Industrial Pharmacist
François has been as steady as a rock in our company since the early years of Comed. During his study as an industrial pharmacist, he came into contact with manager Jean Louis. Francois has a great responsibility such as following the legislation and developing new products.

Kimberly Verstappen
Lusine Arakelyan