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But CORONA overshadows everything.



Willem and Jean-louis experienced at the  well-attended trade fair in Houten that there still isn’t a Coronavirus effect.




While the day is causing greater uncertainty about the coronavirus, I read that Elon Musk minimizes panic. He is certainly right when he says that the administrative and political authorities must ensure a coherent policy with aligned instructions in time, and above all across national borders.

That is not obvious, especially when this pathogen is still very much unknown, such as whether you can become completely immune after a healed infection and if so, how and for how long?

He is much more dangerous than the “regular flu”, which infects a billion people worldwide every year and causes between 290,000 and 650,000 deaths.

Our race flights should not be a problem if we organize in a clever way the hustle and bustle of the basketing, for example by respecting the 1 meter distance rule and wearing the mouth mask-which almost every lover has- on the spot….

The virus can survive for a few hours on our pigeons and the transport is not too onerous, as long as, of course, no country goes into complete locked down… It is becoming clear that for international problems, of which the climate is also a great example, our politicians will have to grow out of the national reflexes and start to think globally.

The late “Thé Lau”.


sang it so simple and so true waar “iedereen is van de wereld, de wereld is van iedereen” (everyone is in orbit, the world is from everyone).





Elon Musk is a visionary man.

In addition to the successful introduction of the use of the electric car, from next year he will be able to travel with SpaceX for affordable space travel both for the positioning of satellites for companies and tourism for the general public and not to mention the large manned mission to the planet Mars. What I didn’t know yet was his company Neuralink, with which he wants to artificially influence the human brain. immerses itself into electronically linking the brain to the computer to control it with your mind, enabling fast and very accurate mechanical actions.Technically, this can already be done by the meticulous planting of microprobes in certain parts of the brain (especially ensure that no blood vessels are touched) to restore some forms of blindness. At a later stage one hopes to establish a wireless connection through laser beams through the skull.

Artificial intelligence (AI) could then take over many decisions and related actions by the computer. In fact, fighter pilots in combat missions can fire rockets extremely quickly through a computer connection between the eyes and the trigger. At a later stage, it does not seem inconceivable that we could download large parts of our individual human consciousness into the computer and later upload back possibly supplemented with additional skills such as language knowledge or as aligned behaviour in case of collective danger.  

I think that, if this could be done for pigeons, we could learn a lot of them and the debates could be fed with new themes. On the other hand, we could teach them things faster, like the mapping of young pigeons, in which we update their GPS with those of older experienced pigeons… The artificial stimulation of widows and the natural game possible with the associated glandular effect and natural hormones secretion. Mother, in what exciting times do we live?


Pigeons have a collective swarm-consciousness, like insects such as ants or termites also have. The colony is exactly one large body that consists of separate units each with individual brains but which are fully interlinked. A termite colony has a collective behaviour divided into one hundred thousands of individuals who each perform their task according to the situation. In the event of a threat, they begin to execute unimaginable emergency scenarios in perfect division of tasks. This allows them to hook together into a living bridge to let their queen escape in the event of danger. In their sometimes 10 m high structures, they make a team-like, incredibly effective ventilation which little modern air conditioning’s can’t even match…


Animals often have mysterious features. Does a pigeon sleep, and if so why doesn’t she fall down ? She would alternate be awake for a while left and then a while right, so she sleeps half and half and at the same time has minimal vigilance? People alternately close the nostrils on the left and on the right for about half an hour to allow the natural cycle of cleaning. This phenomenon would also occur in the pigeon.


In short, our pigeons have a collective consciousness, a pecking order and a kind of autistic behaviour (they function in a fixed frame of reference) that helps to ensure the survival of the colony. People who suffer from autism cannot function outside a fixed frame of reference to which they are used and if they deviate from it, panic arises. 

We have to respond to this in order to optimize our relationship with the pigeons: do as many things as possible in a fixed ritual, to which they become common. For example, the church tower beats the hour and you appear with food and drink. So by doing something the same thing at the same time, you strengthen the bond. So we experienced that food and beverage need to have the same taste every day. (Willem de Bruijn was convinced of this in an early stage).(He spent a long time at our stand in Houten and it was encouraging to see that he assured many fanciers of his great satisfaction with the renewed Lysocur Forte (3.0) of which he has been a loyal user since 2008…).


This was highlighted in the completely new usage scheduleThe old schedule that represents something different every day is now abandoned. During breeding and competitions there is a need for extra protein and extra calcium. Thus we add these nutrients in the most simple and smart way.


This means administer every day the adjusted supplement during the breeding and flight period so that drinking water and feed have the same taste and we also choose to provide the same products during the rest period but in lighter doses…(half or third). The changes have now become almost unnoticeable for our pigeon.

That’s what it looks like now.


Please read carefully the product info and FAQ ( Frequently Asked Questions) that we will publish for additional information on the useful use of other Comed products taking into account your situation.

          Can all products be administered over the feed?

This is allowed, also the water soluble ones like Roni, Clean Oral, Lysocur Forte.

The latter can of course also be administered through drinking water.

         Are the products given daily and permanently?

Yes , they are given permanently on every food and in every drink.

So it is better to give half a dose of all products daily than to interrupt and give every two days.

         Can I combine the products from two systems?

Yes when you switch to the system year old and old with Winmix/Curol you can include Myobol.

         What do I give during the resting period?

Administer half or a third dosage of the products of the breeding and flying period.

         Can I replace Comedol with Fertol during the breeding period?

Yes. Especially in case of impaired fertility.

         Can I replace Comedol with Murol during moulting?

Yes. Especially in case of difficult moulting.
Tempo 60 also has a favourable development on the formation of a new plumage.

          Do I have to do a purification?

For two weeks before the breeding or for the flying season a cure can be done based on Cometabol Drain and Comin Cholin ( read the section in the brochure).

 If, according to Minister of Health Maggy “, we have to stay in our homes” then we can still provide ourselves with (Comed) products via the web shop on the favourable terms as already announced.