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About star psychiatrists, the East and the West

The mental health of our society is significantly deteriorating.

Every year in Belgium, there are almost 1.000 suicides.

“NRC Handelsblad” interviewed three Belgian psychiatrists Dirk De Wachter, Damian Denys and Paul Verhaeghe about their profession and their enormous popularity in the Netherlands, where they attract crowded rooms, especially among young people.

There is an unseen shortage of psychiatrists, and thus there is considerable interest in this kind of analysis of the mind, which they perform in the form of a sermon, warning and consolation.




The Flemish psychiatrists are clear: There is a ‘crisis in meaning’ among the population. Too much attention to ego and success derives from the real source of meaning: The other.

They say that deep happiness, real sense, never comes from yourself, but from connection to and happiness of others around you”. “Put the smartphone away and look at each other in the eye,” says Dr De Wachter. Dr Denys believes that war is needed to achieve an attitude change, to let people abandon their individualism and their narcissistic aspirations for unattainable ideals. We have more and more ZZP’ers (=lone self-employed people). By being flexible, they strive for personal success, often without connectedness. That leaves traces in heart and reason. They want solutions to this, but unfortunately, life means suffering, and we must accept it more. We must replace this constant pursuit of perfection with the quest for acceptance.But at this time there are only winners and losers. The average is gone. What does the winner gain from his trophy if his efforts have led him to lose his wife and his children are alienated from him?The social fabric, which we need to give meaning to life, has diminished. We need to look for higher common goals such as, e.g. the climate, which can bring us closer together. Pigeon sport certainly has a connecting factor. The cooperative association with animals in a sporting context not only teaches to keep the mind sharp, but there is also collegiality and healthy competition. There are also, of course, disputes and envy. The passion for pigeon sport is experienced internationally, including Facebook and Instagram, and that broadens the mind. It is an environment where you can reset after every season: You go to the championship celebrations, to the fairs. The competitions must be organized. The encounters are a healthy mix of connectedness through a very complex but also exciting sport. You are making new plans etc…, learn from your setbacks and the evolution in your game from the advancing insight. You are enjoying the results of your pigeons with another. You are dreaming, the illusion and the relativization.

Comed, as a developer and producer, also knew a significant evolution. We have been continuously evolving for several decades and have renewed continually, both through the adaptation of existing products and the development of new ones. The offer has, therefore, become very extensive. We are currently investigating whether we can simplify this by merging certain products.  Our higher common goal is to take part in pigeon sport on a fundamental basis, without squandering the precious antibiotics that protect our body and members in times of need.
We want to do this excellent task together with everyone who is very keen on pigeon sport and public health. Every fancier who wants to be part of this mission is welcome to work with our team to make every possible improvement. Any information or suggestion from the grassroots is very welcome.

For example, we want to replace the elaborate user scheme, which attempted over the years to include all variables, by a simple system with only two options.
Below is a brief description:



 The classic Western system  with, since years, at the basis the very reliable couple

   Curol fuel, defence against disease

   Winmix  total supplement

We cannot, however, overlook the massive rise in Chinese pigeon sport.



That is where the emphasis is entirely put on the young pigeon competition. That’s why Comed developed a pair of products equivalent to Curol and Winmix with the focus on rapid development (of the muscles) and particularly in the outcome on the youngsters (Chinese system). It concerns Myobol and Lysocur Forte.




The development of the racing pigeon must be done quickly, without any hesitation or downfall of any kind and this from 0 to 600 km. China has become such a valuable player that we can now successfully offer a perfect solution to their specific problems. This solution also fits wonderfully in our western game with the young pigeon, a lot of attention to the defence against young pigeon disease.

One can conclude that with Myobol, the chick is significantly weaned earlier (about six days!)! An affluent muscle mass and the skin oil on the pins of the early feathered fall immediately upon.

To eat independently in a previous phase is a crucial factor and has a significant advantage. When feeding the crop milk, infections are inevitably transmitted by the parents. They already have a highly developed immune system, while the youngsters are still developing their system. Given the package that is included from birth and used day after day, it is always possible to have a temporary immunity gap. Myobol  produces young pigeons, which immediately show their full potential, which you did not suspect they had!

      Lysocur Forte was transformed into a complete supplement (vitamins, amino acids, prebiotics, etc.) and on the other hand, it plays a major role in the defence against disease.


Besides, these two products can still provide strength and recovery in all disciplines (yearlings and old ones).


                                            BREEDING –  AND FLYING SEASON

Important during both breeding and competition are

Fertibol fertility, eggs and skeleton; 

Roni plays a role in the resistance to diseases (bowel).




The best standard sanitary care throughout the year:

Stopmite parasites (healthy and odor-free air in the loft);

Clean Oral clean water bowls.


Schematic summary:



  • In both systems  –  you administer daily (all products) during the whole period on the feed (1 tablespoon/kg).

  • In the Chinese method, additional oil (Comedol or Allium ) must be added, enough to allow the powders to stick.

  • Clean Oral always goes through the drinking water as well as the bath water (1-5 ml/litre).

  • The water-soluble products Roni, Lysocur can alsobe administerd through the drinking water separately  (1 tablespoon/kg).

Pigeon and bird enthusiasts have seen a huge increase in the supply of all kinds of care products in recent years, which often have only a limited shelf life in terms of food, making it difficult for the stores to manage their stocks in a more understandable way.

Comed likes to work with the stores, but if they do not all have Comed products in stock, you can always order them directly from Comed in urgent cases.

You can also come and collect directly. Shipping both in Belgium, and to European and non-European countries can even be free from a certain purchase amount.