About us

Comed NV

In 1982 Jean-Louis Jorissen founded Comed N.V.,
a wholesale business for veterinary instruments and animal medication.

He developed his own product range for pigeons and other animals.

Biography Jean-Louis Jorissen

At the end of the eighties, Jean-Louis specialised as an industrial pharmacist at Liège university. At that time, Linus Pauling promoted a scientific stream that combined medicine and nutrition. Before this, medical training paid hardly any attention to the links between pathology and nutrition.

Today the entire medical sector is convinced of the vast importance of widening the fundamental research in the field of orthomodecular nutrition.

This inspired Comed to develop a range of products for animals.

Basic activities Comed

Distribution of animal medication.
Development of new products in line with the latest research.
Manufacturing of products for pigeons, fancy pigeons, birds, horses, dogs, cats as well as products for human consumption.

Comed wants both professional and amateur breeders to reach the top with as little antibiotic-use as possible.

Our products are the result of vision and research. We want everything that we produce to earn its "quality label". Thanks to this philosophy, Comed products are without comparison.

An exceptional friendship

My friendship with expressive artist José Vermeersch (1922-1997) has influenced my professional life on a spiritual level. José was a Flandrien. This is a cyclist who rides through all weathertypes, never hangs his head and preferably also wins the race. He was also a strong, silent and persistent worker, endlessly in search of unpretentious quality.

His clay statues reflect, in a touching and uncomplicated way, man in his naked simplicity: bodies of all shapes and seizes with indefinable age but running to seed since birth.

Only eyes, hands and feet are strikingly perfect…

Next to the mission that one needs to have as an entrepreneur, there is also the practice of enterprise.

From our numerous discussions on the practise of enterprise, José Vermeersch and I derived three qualities that should be united in any company:

  1. chaotic thinking 
  2. planning 
  3. execution

Ordo ab Chao

This conclusion led to the design of three statues which represent the human characteristics by which a company functions. Unfortunately, José died a few weeks after his 75th birthday and so he didn’t have the time to complete this project. However, the design is a nice keepsake and I gladly share the memory with my precious Comed users. 

I have studied and searched my entire life with great pleasure, both on a spiritual and a scientific level, because I believe that in the new world of tomorrow it is man’s essential and perpetual task to amass knowledge. The older I get, the bigger the interest. Mainly because I discover links between everything.

The more data is stored as ready knowledge, the more one is consciously “man”. Life on earth is more easily understood and that is a noble cause. Knowledge has brought me happiness.
Nonetheless, this knowledge gathering is unpretentious. Being smart is nothing to brag about on its own, but has to lead to wisdom.

Serving society is the main objective, the mission.
In my field a sort of chaotic spread of knowledge, of the numerous working substances that take place in different domains. This means that links are felt subconsciously and instinctively. This is essential in order to be creative. 

Creativity is briefly seeing the order in the unity of chaotic knowledge.

Creatively solving medical or nutritive problems happens spontaneously upon discovering a number of links. This can be compared to looking for a way out when one finds oneself suddenly in an unforeseen situation. 

I love to speak with enthusiasts about their problems. Everything is reviewed. Mostly I immediately see a solution with a high success rate. Sometimes personal wellbeing is discussed. Their state of mind can have an influence on the state of mind of the animal they maintain relations with.

Next, these creative suggestions are assessed for their feasibility. The products have to work optimally and be bioavailable or absorbable, have a long shelf life and be compatible with standard foodstuff.

Strict regulations

The strict legislation and the production and trading of new preparations is also discussed. The legislation is extremely complex. A laboratory has to be well-equipped and all apparatus needs to be inspected regularly. There are very strict regulations for statements on the labels, for example for percentages and claims concerning the effects of the products. Everything is also documented in procedures and protocols.

Every player, be it the supplier of raw materials, the producer or distributor, is involved in an elaborate and detailed retracing system, enabling verification of the quality and the safety of a product and its components at any point. The slightest deviation needs to be detected so that action can immediately be taken on all necessary levels.

Only those who match these strict procedures obtain authorization number BE 6338.



It is a big advantage that my colleague François Duda and I complete each other. We studied together and we are a well-oiled machine. I decide which new formulas we are going to develop based on input from the market. 
François is the patient scientist who technically adds the finishing touches to the product.

Since 2012, my son Frederic Jorissen, also pharmacist, completed the team. 

The merit to the Comed range is therefore dedicated to our collaboration.