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Ketones?  We are concerned…


Recently, the press came up with the sensational story of the spectacular increase of sports performance through the use of admitted ketones.

Immediately the question raised if this could also be meaningful for use in sports performance of pigeon racing?

Here’s my analysis:

Ketones are remarkably efficient supplements for top athletes in case of firm performance. (up to 15% more power!) It is all about BHB (beta-Hydroxybutyrate) a body’s energetic emergency fuel, especially for the brain (according to the list of banned substances no doping!), which the body produces from fats as a result of extreme performance and/or fasting when carbs (glycogen) are entirely consumed.

The controversial product is called HVMN and is only available in the USA.

The producer has patented this substance very cleverly and thus owns the exclusive distribution.

However, parallel sales channels towards Europe would exist.


In practice, they are suitable for very heavy sports (cyclists) and should ideally be combined with special (starvation) diets. In time, their use “might” even have all kinds of favourable properties, but Flemish professors doubt this.

We are asking ourselves whether the attitude of the WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) is not ambiguous in this respect?
Although it concerns a body’s nutrient created in extreme cases.
What is the difference with the banned blood doping, where one injects its blood cells with its enriched blood (e.g. when staying at extreme heights)??


In the scientific literature, we have not found any fundamental research regarding the release of ketones in exhaustion scenarios of birds and certainly not about possible effects of ketones on sports performance of pigeons.

Ketones take effect in the human body 20 minutes after intake and need to be administered three times a day as they are consumed quickly. If we assume that they work in pigeons, this can only be done outside the races, and they can contribute little to a performance that takes place several hours to days after the intake.

What is more, why would 15% extra energy from fat-purified ketones (a type of carbohydrate) still benefit when the pigeon can extract 342% more power from fats than from carbohydrates, without having to be in extreme hunger mode? (See fig. 2 below)

The pigeon complements its energy battery, in a comfortable and unseen way in nature, with ATP (adenosine triphosphate). This occurs exceptionally efficiently via sugar metabolism, lipid metabolism and protein metabolism. Pigeons have two types of muscles, namely the red ones for very prolonged action and white ones for short and fast efforts.

Complimentary they extract in an extremely fast way ATP from the creatine phosphate present in the white muscles for the reflexes (however, maximum up to 10 seconds: takeoff, landing, guiding, etc.).

The efficiency of their entire mobility machine in the field of ATP-production varies according to whether there is much (aerobic) or little (anaerobic) oxygen available.

The pigeon can also convert all these energy sources (whose value on the packaging is usually expressed in calories) very smoothly at all times to send the final product, ATP, to its muscle battery.

Finally, let’s not forget that the ketones, like most butyrate derivatives, have a horrible taste…

Comed keeps a close eye on these mechanisms.
Don’t get carried away in all sorts of hypes.
Like no other company in the pigeon sector, Comed is permanently committed to the health of the pigeons and optimizing their performance.

You administer Comed products during the season:

  1. Because of their beneficial effect on immunity and resistance and thus play a role in preventing disease due to increased risks inherent to the game:

These risks are:

-The pressure for basketing,
-The stress due to the widowhood,
-The stress caused by the natural set,
-Enriched food, but without which one cannot compete for the prices!

This includes the extra proteins and extra calcium both resulting from the breeding as well as from the races.

  1. For the sake of releasing the force to deliver performance based on:

-The urge (Grit) and
-The available energy.

The Comed products developed based on these criteria are Compound, Myobol, Load Caps and Load Pull, Tempo 60, Roni, Hemoglobal, Stopmite, Lysocur Forte.

They influence directly or indirectly these biochemical and physiological processes.

This is also the reason why users of Comed products also remark effect after a few days.

Comedol and Curol: Suppliers of ATP, especially for the red muscles.

Load Caps or Load Pull: Extra ATP for the larger distances.

Masses of carbohydrates (starch) are present In the cereals; thus, they do not have to be added additionally.

Myobol for massive flights to combine with Hydracom Recup and -Amino to ensure good muscle-growth.

Compound against fatigue (Krebs cycle).

Tempo 60 desire to fly, grit.

Roni neutralization of the loss of the protective acid function caused by enriched nutrition.

Hemoglobal contains iron for the production of haemoglobin responsible for the oxygen uptake.

Stopmite against parasites that cause anaemia, which reduces oxygen uptake.

Also, take advantage of the race packages at sale now.

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FOOD SUPPLEMENTS … who can still see the forest for the trees …



Herman Dillen is meanwhile 94 years old and each month, he invariably drives from Lanaken to Hoeselt for a cup of coffee and a chat about “the old days”.

I could still crawl under the kitchen table, when Herman and his colleague Thomas Peeters (father of veterinarian Norbert) from As, both representatives of Versele, came to visit us because my dad Dries Jorissen was one of the first dealers in Limburg for the fodder of the renowned company from Deinze.

After my graduation as a pharmacist, he occasionally took me to his good friends in Germany, where he had marketed the pigeon fodder for Versele.

Herman felt like a fish in the water in Germany and he was very much appreciated.

He had (and still has) a clear and powerful voice and the business conversations usually ended up with a glass of “Lager” where the friendship was celebrated many times with loud German Folk songs …

After the reunification of Germany, the first pigeon fair took place in Kassel and we also drove in that direction.

I was immediately impressed by the enormous interests that were at stake in the International Pigeon sport.

Discussion topics were e.g. the feed, the lofts, transportation, clocks, etc… and some great Belgian brands of pigeon products (Fabry, Colombine, De Reiger Colman…).

In addition, I became acquainted with the emerging phenomenon of opportunistic herbal quacks, who sold stories to the good-faith fanciers, the one even more doubtful than the other.

There was/will be benefited from the ignorant lover with a lack of knowledge of things and his illusionary urge to always win.

Comed was then just present on the Belgian market with products such as “Edele olie” (Precious oil), Tempo 60 and Cometose

The following year the company launched itself on the German market in the belief that our expertise and scientific basis could make up for a lot.

And then the ball started rolling…

Herman was also the founder of the idea to get a pigeon village off the ground in Belgium, where fanciers from all over the world could buy a house with a loft, to participate in the Belgian competition.

Together with the late Pros Roosen, we prospected many possible locations (even Bokrijk was a possibility) for our ambitious plan of 100 of such houses.

Finally, it was not a pigeon village but the World Pigeon Center (opened in 1999 together with Jos Thoné) a one loft race with the challenge, participation in the entire Belgian league…

Unfortunately, this project did not come off the ground, as some of the essential issues were overlooked. We were not yet sufficiently familiar with the given.

Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose…

Meanwhile, son Philippe successfully gave the WPC a new destination as Office centre, Congress and banquet hall.

Furthermore, within a few months, it will form a unit together with the adjacent building that COMED is furnishing as new production hall.

Our production capacity requires a thorough adjustment of the original space in the buildings, especially in the height.

In its research history, Comed developed many different products and in its 46th anniversary continues to constantly refine and modify its range of products. Each for their own target group.

We believe that this is a strong and stable basis for the future of our company.

The advantage is that through our range we have an arsenal of possibilities, to tackle almost every health problem that the fanciers have to deal with, adequately, naturally and safely, without the use of antibiotics.

Setting up a helpdesk for our customers is the next goal to give expert and quick advice or to respond questions.

Under the influence of European regulations, the Government makes a clear difference between nutrition (supplements) and medicines for pigeons.

They don’t want medical properties to be attributed to nutritional supplements.

Even though certain nutritional supplements are undeniably preventive and curative against most dreaded pathogens (coccidiosis, E. coli, Salmonella, herpes, etc.), however, the Government prohibits any mention of this on labelling or advertising…

The FASFC has therefore issued an “indicative” list of words as being allowed to explain the functioning of foodstuffs without therefore being a strict directive.

Names of organs may not be used, although the word “bowel Conditioner” (which Comed introduces on the market) is not a problem.

The Pigeon sport is an outstanding environment for bacteria, fungi and viruses, for which medicines are developed and one forgets the alternative solutions that Mother Nature can also provide.

From its inception, Comed has focused on this “grey zone” to specialise in a positive and serious way in this kind of complex natural methods.

In fact, these resources are therefore also called “nutraceuticals“, which are foods that sometimes have clear curative potential.

It is not a simple discipline, but it does offer an opportunity to tackle the over-consumption of antibiotics.

A team of four pharmacists is on hand to provide you expert advice on this form of treatment, namely health through the diet.

A care system with Comed products does not have to be complicated at all…

You can start with 2 products and expand them at your own insight and budget.

Don’t hesitate to contact us or give us a personal visit.

The coffee is ready…



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Tackle the summer discomforts with Comed!

Within actual temperatures of more than 25°C, parasites feel very comfortable.
Many parasites can be present in and on the bird without even being noticed.
An increased sensibility to all kinds of infections is often perceived.
The often unnoticed parasites (photosensitive) excrete through their eggs substances that cause itching.
This will tease our birds especially at night, and when they start the morning, they are still tired, which leads to a considerable disadvantage of their physical condition and feathers of poor quality.
Therefore, the regular use of Stopmite Bird and Summer Comfort Spray is an excellent way to minimise the chance of infection.

It is advisable to scatter Stopmite Bird on the bottom and under the nesting pads for optimal results. Stopmite Bird may come into contact with the plumage.

Summer Comfort Spray Bird


Summer Comfort Spray offers birds a maximum protection against summer inconveniences and provides a comfortable and refreshing sensation.

Spray the birds once a week.
In exceptionally warm weather, the application can be repeated more often
(every 8 hours).




Stopmite Bird



The essential oils in Stopmite are mixed in the fodder and after digestion they are excreted through the skin and the airways. The breath of the birds, the excrements and the loft of your birds, get a special scent that is avoided by parasites.

The clay present in Stopmite, detoxifies the body by absorbing and neutralizing the ammonia from the faeces.

Stopmite cleans the air in the aviaries causing less irritation of the airways.

Stopmite is harmless and increases the welfare of your birds



For maximum results, it is preferable to combine Summer Comfort Spray Bird with Stopmite Bird.



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Do your chickens have chalky crusts on their paws?


This is due to the small scaly leg mite, which lives and reproduces itself under the scales of the feet of mainly older chickens.

Especially older chickens suffer from it.

Lubricating the legs with Padsect can quickly solve this.

Preventative use of Stopmite is advised to keep this parasite out of your coop.


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Stop red mites

If you want to eradicate or prevent red mites, then you should definitely treat the coop (or the cage) of your chickens.

Red mites are only active at night.

They hide in the dark spots of the chicken coop during the day. For example, under a perch, in a crevice or under a shelf. Therefore Stopmite should be scattered in these places…



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Lysocur Forte 3.0


After 40 years of tirelessly research to find the golden grail of the care for racing pigeons, we establish, with great pleasure and against all expectations, that the list of potentially active substances we encounter keeps extending.

In the search for the connection between disease and nutrition -the professional area of Comed- we increasingly come to the conclusion that the paths of medicine and nutrition combine.

The legislator proposes, as a rule of the game, that there must be a clear separation between foodstuffs and medicines when selling.

We have to deal with both concepts very carefully, and the consumer must not be misled.

Thus the food industry bears an important responsibility regarding public health.

We cannot fail to see that the food industry is deliberately making millions of victims, and in which economic interests often stand in the way of healthy food.

Look around you and determine how many people are struggling with overweight.

85% of diabetics are overweight, and the disease is taking epidemic proportions.

1 million Belgians and 1.2 million Dutchmen suffer from diabetes.

1 in 3 adults gets diabetes!!

Do they put the finger on the problem?

From childhood, the taste buds are skilfully manipulated, and once they run wild, their owners have adopted life-long dangerous food habits, opposite a very slender-line-culture is running:

Behind both opposing currents, there is a billion-dollar industry. ..

The famous Greek physician Hippocrates presented more than 2000 years ago in his writings: “De alimento” on nutrition: ” In food excellent medication, in food bad medication, bad and good relatively. ”


You could interpret this as food can make you healthy, and food can make you sick; the effect may vary by case.

Fortunately, our pigeon-feeding industry offers top quality, and we have a wide range of good food.

It is up to the fancier to bet this right.

Here, too, it often goes wrong.

During the breeding and the competition period, a lot of protein and a lot of calcium (grit) are naturally fed.

This is inherent in the pigeon racing sport, they really need to perform, it’s not a matter of.

However, both day-to-day habits diminish, each in their own way, the acid in the intestine which is crucial and also a protection against infections…

This means that the fancier must permanently struggle against infections, which he causes unconsciously.

Over almost 40 years Comed is engaged with smart supplements, and meanwhile, the fancier knew how to appreciate them.

A striking example of this is Fertibol an acidic source of calcium.

More and more fanciers replace the acid neutralising grit by Fertibol.

In turn, Roni compensates the disadvantage of protein-rich food.

Meanwhile, Comed has given the appraised airways product Lysocur Forte an extensive upgrade. Its field of application on the airways was extended to the intestine.

It has actually become a total remedy that treats abovementioned nutritional disadvantages and is therefore enriched with specific supplements.

Due to its solubility in water, it meets the legitimate demand of many fanciers who would like to administer through drinking water.

It was a chore to get all this in a bottle, i.e. to solve in the water…

Our classic primary care is mainly administered through the feed, adhered to by oil: Curol, Comedol, Stopmite etc…

However, the disadvantage is that when a pigeon is in less shape (poorly digested, one or another germ incubates), it often eats less and drinks more.

The support they need is logically best through the drink.

Especially the specific problems with the youngsters, always involve their growth.

To develop an adult body, they really get everything out of their diet during their first year of life.

At the slightest hitch they are in trouble, because they have hardly any reserves.

That is normal, nature has provided it so, but that implies -certainly during the competition- that no valuable time can be lost if something is wrong.

An immediate intervention is needed, and it should be effective right away, which is more obvious via drinking water.

The renewed Lysocur Forte can be perfectly combined with Curol and both complement each other in case of serious problems.

Lysocur Forte 1 L will be sold at €29 incl.




From 12/04/2019 until 31/05/2019

1 Lysocur Forte 1 L + 1 free Clean Oral 500 ml

Free delivery






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Comed: your partner!

Comed is always willing to coach people in their start-up with Comed products.

We do not only want to sell products but to teach you a method.

That is why It is important -certainly in the beginning- to keep close contact with Comed.

You can visit us by appointment for basic instruction, whereby the specific problems can be discussed as well.

In case of problems or other concerns, our pharmacists will always try to help you in your quest.

A schedule is then proposed.

A follow-up on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.


We notice that after a few weeks the fancier “has started” and he “quickly gets along with the right ingredients“.

After the season, we are pleased to see that the results meet the expectations.

In short, if we invest so much time, money and effort in our hobby, we must deal with it in an efficient way.


Click here to read more about the findings of a lover:

Newsletter 22nd of December: My experiences after half a year COMED

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Times change …


I have known Michel Vanlint for a very long time. He has a keen observation capacity, and I shared with him the quest for the ideal care of pigeons. The Lost Son was very well informed both of the medication and the natural remedies, that made our conversations uncommonly captivating.

At the time, the antibiotics were still very popular, despite the resistance problem, against which I always warned and what intrigued him, not to say without which pigeon sport seemed impossible. As a pharmacist and trader in antibiotics, I had, unlike Michel and many others, made my choice long ago and pleaded against their use in sport in general and especially against blind cures in particular. Many times I was scornfully displaced in medical circles with the remark “what you propose can’t be realised”.


Twelve years ago, he came to visit me, accompanied by the fancier Willem de Bruyn, who still was unknown to me. Willem was a refreshing appearance with an open character and his scientific insights immediately made him a captivating visitor to our house. It was an acquaintance between two men both born in 1949 and who were allowed to experience as adolescents “The Golden Sixties” with next to the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, also the grandmaster Bob Dylan. Bob Dylan released in 1964 “Times They are changing”, after putting a final hold on the Vietnam War with some sentences in “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door”, Far too late, but more than right he recently won the Nobel Prize for Literature. In May 1968, when the youth managed to tear themselves away from the establishment, we ended up in college.



Willem was very interested in a new approach, and after our first meeting on the antibiotic-free approach, he totally agreed. “I was looking for this conversation for a long time” so he let me know a few days later. Many more conversations followed. As a dentist, Willem was completely fed up with the antibiotic cures. He also found that it could not be possible that whoever had the most powerful antibiotics with the widest spectrum would have the best results. The approach was radically changed, no turning back.

To Michel, it was more difficult to let go his tried and tested medical system with which he was at the top for years. I want to put the impressive record of achievements to the picture.

Then we slightly started to go separate ways, even though with mutual respect for each other’s system. Michel has meanwhile completed his rich competitive career but remains a passionate lover of the sport. The content of our conversations remained, he renewed his interest in the COMED METHOD and supports us with his experienced observations when enhancing the products.

Since his new approach, Willem has been able to look back on an unprecedented, uninterrupted series of victories. I can conclude that this historic first visit by Michel and Willem has in any way laid a stone in our river, which has changed its course completely.

The approach of Comed starts to get more followers. Therefore, I am very grateful to both iconic fanciers and convinced that in the long run, the pigeon sport will be the big winner.


Times they are changing:

Come gather ’round people
Wherever you roam
And admit that the waters
Around you have grown
And accept it that soon
You’ll be drenched to the bone.
If your time to you
Is worth savin’
Then you better start swimmin’
Or you’ll sink like a stone
For the times they are a-changin’.
Come writers and critics
Who prophesize with your pen
And keep your eyes wide
The chance won’t come again
And don’t speak too soon
For the wheel’s still in spin
And there’s no tellin’ who
That it’s namin’.
For the loser now
Will be later to win
For the times they are a-changin’.
Come senators, congressmen
Please heed the call
Don’t stand in the doorway
Don’t block up the hall
For he that gets hurt
Will be he who has stalled
There’s a battle outside
And it is ragin’.
It’ll soon…