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October blog

While 2020 known as the Corona year is coming to an end, and it is likely to infect 2021 seamlessly, we will have to learn to accept one worrying fact: things will most likely ‘never return to normal‘. The sooner we accept that, the better according to American specialist virologists on CNN… Too much is not known, except that Covid-19 is certainly an incalculable and dangerous disease. Yes, the vaccine will work, but nobody knows to what extent and for how long we will be protected, especially now that all sorts of peculiar phenomena are occurring. The defence (immune response) in the event of a viral infection is based on the innate and acquired immunity. (We already explained this mechanism in the youngsters’ disease. See brochure page 22 – 


Congenital immunity works quickly but incompletely because it is not specific enough. In other words, the body does not yet know the intruder sufficiently. The acquired immune response occurs systematically and more slowly, and then takes a few days to eliminate the virus after a few days using, among others, B- and T-cells in the bloodstream, wherever necessary. This achieved plan is also stored in the immune memory, to be able to react very quickly at a later stage in the event of a new infection. Dutch researchers recently discovered the presence of these T-cells in the brain tissue of deceased patients (with mainly loss of taste and smell), where they do not usually belong.It appears the Covid-19 virus destroyed the immune system of these victims too quickly and due to the late adequate immune response, regardless of where in the body considerable damage was already done to scar tissue after blood clots due to the exaggerated resistance of their defences (cytokines). A bit like after a terrorist attack, you see massive emergency services at the scene of the disaster gathering together. At the same time, when half an hour earlier, when it was vital, only a lightly-armed police officer heard a bang, could at most fire a few shots and then inform the colleagues afterwards.

Covid-19, it isn’t easy to unlock its secrets.

Why do some patients get the full coverage and others do not, such as the presence of interferon type I.


I fear that November will be the month of the truth.



In addition to the standard basic rules, let’s live stress-free in well-ventilated rooms and limit alcohol consumption (especially in groups).

The testimonies of the Covid-19 patients who are seriously damaged for life and who used to be top fit should encourage everyone to behave in a much more responsible way.

There is speculation that nature, through certain animal species, is taking revenge on the intrusive man who takes over the entire available environment and shamelessly besmirches it.

Indeed, humankind, based on a 4.5 billion-year-old dream planet, is in the process of irreparably destroying this pearl in a few generations as an arrogant schlemiel. As a result, Comed resolutely opts for pure nature care with Stopmite as an example. The pigeon is one of the oldest species of birds, and the interconnection with nature since its (dino) ancestors is exceptionally captivating.


It is known that some birds regularly introduce fresh green plants into their nests because of the insect repellent effect of the volatile oils they contain. Based on this simple logic, we developed Stopmite, to offer a safe parasite agent that you can also administer through the feed. Parasites small and large have been on the earth for millions of years and are intending and able to stay there. Because of their short reproductive cycle, their numbers can sometimes increase explosively by taking advantage of favourable environmental factors, and over the centuries people have therefore correctly spoken of ” plagues ” that regularly emerge. Parasites can adapt quite quickly, which makes their mitigation difficult, and their extinction almost impossible.

Cockroaches even survive nuclear radiation.

Suppose a world war using nuclear weapons breaks out, and it destroys everything and everyone. In that case, cockroaches (and possibly some bacteria or viruses) will still be crawling on this globe, as the sole representatives of biological life in the universe.


In East Africa today, there has been an enormous harvest devouring grasshopper plague for some time. Still, blood lice are also permanently and relatively imperceptibly responsible for considerable losses in the poultry sector.

Our pigeons are not spared either.


In addition to the efficient Stopmite, completed with Comed Comfort Spray, numerous home remedies have been described with varying degrees of success, all the more now that they question the safety of the chemical anti-parasitic agents.

There is a growing desire on the part of the public authorities to get rid of these chemicals because of their health risks, which usually only appear after several generations.

Mass contact with chemicals – most of them with a vague GRAS (generally recognized as safe) status – has led to the detection of many more cancers than in the past.

Fortunately, the improved (chemo!) treatments result in fewer or later deaths, but the victims invariably remain with two burning questions:

1 Why did I get it?

2 Will I still get it back?


These are all reasons to renounce the chemical mass treatments and definitively take the path of nature.


The chemical industry, which also brought us many benefits (e.g. life-saving medicines), is put on hold in this respect.


In addition to the parasite repellent effect (both through the feed and through scattering on the floor), Stopmite also has a broad general action with several different beneficial results. Thus our pigeons remain in shape against the negative influence of the attacking parasites.


Minerals that have been in the ground for millions of years… 

The mineral clay not only binds the water but also the ammonia (a decomposition product of protein digestion) in the manure, which is toxic to the intestinal wall, thus it remains healthy and at the same time the living surface is detoxified, so that leg injuries hardly happen anymore.

Other mineral substances contain microscopic fossil blades which interrupt the parasite’s reproductive cycle.



The vegetable fibres in Stopmite also support the protein-digesting (proteolytic) enzymes (pepsin, trypsin, chymotrypsin, …) that are active in the gizzard, pancreas and small intestine, resulting in an overall improved absorption of the proteins from the diet. 




This has an essential role in the development of the youngsters and their post-flight recovery.



The selected aromatic plant oils have a remarkable effect which has been proven by numerous studies. These phytogenic additives are considered to be a safe alternative to antibiotics in poultry farming, for example. Their use has thus resulted in an improvement in the durability of feed materials and a series of positive impacts on health and performance through their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. Stopmite has a unique composition of ingredients with a broad, biologically exciting action. When administered daily, it plays an essential role in the defence against disease in general.


From now on, Comed will gradually be changing the packaging.

The white-black cubes symbolise good and bad, and we must have the courage to choose unambiguously. Comed made a clear choice not to adopt the smearing chemical approach. The background, therefore, became white, symbolising from now on, that we are uncompromising in our choice for purity and transparency in everything.

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Overall, it’s been good.

Despite the sinister start caused by the Corona measures, the season could still be saved.
It is September, the light diminishes, the days are shortened, the leaves fall off the trees, and the moulting has started.

Fortunately, we have the pigeon sport to forget the Corona misery. A pigeon fancier is a happy person when he has to /may stay more at home with his pigeons… right?

Everyone had their own strategy to deal with this, considering the postponed racing plan, in other words, a competition postponed to autumn…

With the extreme heat, many had to take extra care of the heads. At the high temperatures, the body has to be cooled down, which costs proportionally per degree twice as much energy as warming up.

This weakens the pigeons and the Coryza virus strikes. (That’s why we administer Curol and Myobol, of course together with frequently adjusted eye drops like Lysocur.)

We should not forget for a moment that the moulting is not entirely over until after 5-6 months.

Pens and feathers wear out through use and cannot be repaired,

That is why our pigeons are logically replacing them with new ones.

The best time for this is when nature rests…

The wing is an essential part for those who travel in the air.

Compare it to the maintenance of an aircraft where vital parts have to be replaced after a certain number of flight hours, worn out or not… this is considered very serious.

Numerous papers have already been written about moulting.

Especially about the food in which we have a choice.

Indeed, reputable feed manufacturers all offer concrete mixes.

Two themes are central during the moult.

– The preservation of warmth if well insulated (both during the change of costume and afterwards).

– The material for the creation of the new plumage.

In addition to the right feed, there are still essential accents to be placed where the additional supplements can make a difference.

Fat (oil) is responsible for the critical supply of calories regarding heat regulation.

The essential amino acids are indispensable building blocks for the (re)construction of the new plumage.

These are the foundations on which the Comed supplements are based.

Good care and impeccable health are essential throughout this period, which continues until the spring of next year.


Curol and Winmix with Murium provide this, possibly supplemented with Roni, Myobol, Stopmite and Clean Oral.


Curol plays a role in the prevention of possible sleeping diseases, which will inevitably lead to problematic moulting.

Stopmite contributes to a parasite-free plumage.

The essential amino acids are indispensable (otherwise we would not call them essential…) hence Murium.

So even in winter, adapted supplementary feed requires all our attention, we will lay the foundation for the next season with it.

In other words, you have to provide the Comed moulting system neatly, all winter long, or half a dose in the middle of winter…

Good luck






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Pigeons are not race-drivers!

Corona news: Hot news.


There are already some encouraging developments in the treatment of the severe patients, for example with the new Remdesivir that shortens the time on the ventilator by 25-30% and the old cortisone “Dexametasone” that reduces the tissue reaction (cytokine storm), which significantly decreases the treatment time, the permanent lung damage and the risk of death.
Now (in the USA) instead of pumping oxygen-rich air into the lungs through the ventilator, the blood outside the body is redirected to a device that supplies the dark oxygen-poor blood with extra oxygen to bright red oxygen-rich blood, which is brought back into the body.
This has the advantage that the areas that are blocked by swelling of the pulmonary alveoli for oxygen via the ventilator are now assured of oxygen supply along the bloodstream, resulting in less damage and less death, …
This doesn’t mean that it will all be back to normal, but waiting for the vaccine can now be more comfortable.


Contrary to the recommendations of all virologists, not requiring mouth masks in the shops remains an incomprehensibly guilty omission because of politics.
It is my understanding the best way to keep the focus on prevention vivid.

Pigeons are not race-drivers!



Between man (mammal) and the (…domesticated) pigeon (= domesticated bird) there are considerable differences in the constitution (anatomy) but also in the metabolism (physiology). So what works for humans is not always valid for the pigeon. Sometimes there are structural peculiarities that have an impact on behaviour, health, nutrition and disease in pigeons and cage birds.




Therefore I would like to give an overview of the differences.

Unlike most mammals, birds have:

1) No diaphragm, so the abdomen communicates directly with the chest including the lungs, the heart and the air pockets.

2) A varying number of pneumatic (air-filled) hollow bones that also communicate with the abdomen and the chest.

hollow-bones pigeon

3) A comprehensive air pocket system covering the whole of the body stretching with a complicated one-way-airflow (10 x more efficient than in mammals).
This requires two breathing cycles to exhale the air.

air pockets

4) A very high metabolism.
e. stress with the increased oxygen demand of the sick pigeon can quickly lead to critical situations.
E.g. catching large numbers of pigeons during vaccinations.
Stress is an important factor and its control is a key factor.
An oxygen-rich environment is also crucial.

5) Complete cartilage-like windpipes.
One cannot “strangle” a pigeon (there is no weak spot in the trachea like in mammals that have a tracheal “ligament” that can be compresse.

6) A respiration achieved by the free movement of the chest and abdomen – (very little internal lung bellows movement occur).
Therefore, excessive pressure on the body can cause oxygen deprivation when holding it awkwardly.

7) Kidneys that contain filter parts (nephrons) that both appear in mammals as well as reptiles.
The reptile nephrons are simpler and certain waterdiuretics therefore do not work on these filter units, but there are sufficient mammalian nephrons to achieve diuresis if desired.
Everything is designed to manage the water supply as economically and efficiently as possible.

8) Uric acid, not urea as end product of the protein- (This is why gout is common in pigeons). On the other hand an acidic pH in the cloaca (pigeon does not have a bladder) have a germ-control effect.

9) A renal shunt, in which venous ( oxygen-poor) blood circulates in the lower gastrointestinal tract and the caudal extremities (lower limbs), directly through the kidneys o before it’s filtered through the liver. This is why blood poisoning (infection in the bloodstream) often occurs. To help remedy this, pigeons will drink more water and will produce more urine as well as watery stools with again a risk of infection. For many fanciers, this often looks wrongly like infectious diarrhoea.
This shunt is also the reason why injections should not be given in the lower half of the body, because the medication can then be partially excreted before it has reached the bloodstream.

10)  Both a proventriculus or glandular stomach and a ventriculus: gizzard, a crushing storage chamber for rough material.

11) Usually only one functional ovary (left).

12) Female birds have the ability to store extra calcium in their long hollow bones for the purpose of preparation on egg laying.

13) An extremely long and flexible neck.
Instead of the average of seven cervical vertebrae as in mammals, birds have between 11 and 25. Therefore, they can turn their heads well and reach with their mouths to almost any part of their body to flatten the plumes. They would be great in yoga class. The other way around, their lumbar (back) and sacral (tail) vertebrae are much stiffer than in mammals. This provides more stability for the body and the extensive flight muscles.

14) The ability to fly (a great advantage) and the inability to move in a coordinated manner on the ground (not such an advantage, but funny to look at), …

15)  The ability of multiple species of birds to imitate human voices and other sounds created by technology.

16) A complete back of sternum and keel bone, named the carina, without the in-between pronounced spaces that have mammals between their ribs.

Carina =Chestbone (25)


Attached to this stiff keel are the strong pectoral muscles that enable the downward stroke. In these pectoral muscles there is storage space for energy-rich fly fat. See below (*)


For the very heavy work, Load Pul and Load Caps are the ideal supplements, which have been appreciated for years by long distance (fond) and especially the heavy distance specialists. 

17) Prokinesis, or the ability to move the upper beakforward regardless of the lower beak. Instead of one jaw joint, they have a quadratic bone, with several elastic fixations, which in fact gives them a “double joint” on their jaw (to better pick up grains and stones, etc.).

18) No teeth – so no caries, recession of the gumsor embarrassing stains (as compensation: they have a glandular stomach and a gizzard).

19) Only one real sinus, called the infraorbital sinus. Infections in this sinus can be quite severe in some psittacids.

20) No epiglottis (nothing to cover and protect the tracheal gap).
This facilitates the absorption of food and allows a large emission of air associated with a bird’s cry.

21)  A locking mechanism enabling them to sleep with raised leg, stable and without any conscious effort (can you imagine that dogs, cats or
ourselves, sleep in an upright position night after night)?

22) Scales on the legs resembling reptiles, …

23) Different kinds of feathers, which in addition to the ability to to fly also perform other functions, such as insulation against cold and rain, serve as sensory receptors, they
produce sebum powder to waterproof the plumage.

24) An extra protective nictitating membrane for the eye.

25)  A choanae gutter
This is the natural opening between the nose / sinuses and the roof of the mouth. This guarantees a large flow of air (oxygen). If present in a mammal, it would resemble a cleft palate.

26) A reduced lymphatic system without real lymph nodes such as mammels

27) A spleen that does not store blood, but which produces white blood- cells and destroys old red blood cells.

28)  The ability to lay eggs, whether fertilized or not.

This is similar to ovulation in mammals, but egg-laying may cause some practical problems for birds in captivity.

29) Numerous variations in their hormone types, from glands on specific places and with special functions.
For example, diabetes is not uncommon in birds, especially in cockatiels. In this case, it is not a lack of insulin production that causes diabetes, but rather an increase in the amount of glucagon (the opposite of insulin).

30) The ability of bones to heal quickly, especially in youngsters

Before any changes related to healing are visible on an X-ray, a fibrous callus forms around (kind of natural splint) that gives the broken bone excellent stability.

31) Maintain a ” predatory-like” defence tactic.
This ensures that they disguise signs of disease for as long as possible to prevent attacks by predators, as they usually attack the weaker ones (see my blog El Condor Passa –
It is therefore necessary to recognise the slightest signs of disease in order to prevent serious weakening afterwards.
That’s why people often hear: my pigeon was doing pretty well the day before and the next day she was suddenly dead.

32) The ability to make more sound, (because of the resonance frequency of the sinuses, per cm² body-surface), than any other species.

With this I want to indicate that birds in general and pigeons in particular are very special creatures and therefore have different needs.


I’ve been focusing on this with the COMED pharmacy team for almost 50 years.

That’s why COMED dares to ask for your trust.

That’s why the COMED products work so noticeably after just a few days.

Test it, e.g. with Myobol.

(*)Soon the warm days will come combined with heavy performance.

These challenges require large amounts of energy and specific complementary foods such as Load Pul and Load Caps.


The recently developed Myobol is an excellent aid for all disciplines and can be combined with Load Pul and Load Caps.

It protects against the heat burden and thus reserves extra energy for the flight effort.


Pharmacist Jean-Louis Jorissen






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About songs, nutrition and moulting

It is obvious now that as long as there is no vaccine, there can be no more events that involve many people. Exhibitions and fairs have thus been definitively removed from the agenda worldwide.

What is to be done now? It is still possible to organise an alternative championship if the judging is not linked to the gathering of a large public.

A virtual judging via high-resolution video images? The ingenuity of mankind has often led to surprising solutions, as a result of which every crisis that has been overcome has usually paid off…

Below is an analysis of how important food is for the birds in general and the zebra finch in particular, and subsequent feeding during the moulting period.

Adult male zebra finches sing hundreds of songs a day, even when they are socially isolated.


Whether the amount of this so-called ‘random song’ is influenced by specific environmental factors is unclear, although we previously discovered that short-term lack of food (but not water) leads to an immediate cessation of singing. In a trial, male zebra finches were placed on a restricted diet scheme for 11 days to investigate whether stimulation of the random singing could be associated with food changes (independent of the effect of food on body weight). The effects of the variation of ambient temperature (within one day) on metabolism were evaluated and, based on these data, male zebra finches were exposed to a temperature of 8 C° for 5 days to determine whether cold (with a moderately increased energy demand) was associated with an influence on vocal output.

The relationship between daily song singing and changes in the different energy variables: food and T°, was measured (the baseline was food and water ad libitum, at 26°C). The results showed that limited diet caused more than two-thirds reduction in daily song singing, while cold temperature had no effect. For example, unfocused singing by adult male zebra finches appears to have a specific relationship with food availability.

Possible mechanisms linking food availability to singing have been discussed before.

I pointed out a few years ago that two-thirds of the energy from food is used to maintain body temperature. In other words, these finches will no longer invest energy in singing songs if the supply of calories decreases. It should also be stressed here that the birds get more than twice as many calories from oil (fats) than from sugars or proteins. Oil is the most important food source.

In the difficult moulting period, where the maintenance of the body temperature due to the changing of the super insulating feather cover is temporarily compromised, it is of great importance to provide (oil) rich food.

Curol and Myobol, are thus indicated here.

Here is a balanced moulting schedule.








If there are problems despite the products in the schedule, give extra Exibi powder.

Thus you can prevent innocent victims from falling towards the end of the moulting process.

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Competitions during the hot summer months

Corona news :

Hot news.

Covid 19 works in terms of contagiousness exactly the same as a cold / flu.

You should have no illusions the virus will find you, … especially through the still hidden superspreaders, who sometimes spread enormous amounts of floating microscopic virus droplets (aerosols, loaded with virus particles) and are often not even sick themselves.

Keeping the distance is the most important but also the most difficult thing, to know how large that distance should actually be.

We consistently forget that the spread via the aerosols is much more dangerous than the larger (sneezing) droplets that sink to the ground, captured by the mouth mask and the 1.5 meter rule.

You can compare it with the smoke of a cigar that lingers indoors for a long time.

A well ventilated space is crucial, but not always possible.

That is why we have installed two Genano devices in our pharmacy with sufficient capacity to efficiently filter aerosols (from viruses, bacteria, fungi) from the air.



As a token of respect for each other, Orientals have accepted the mouth mask for much longer.

They actually got used to it because of the air pollution of their big cities ( due to the coal industry, traffic, domestic wood fire, etc…) to protect their airways (especially when the weather is foggy).


Beijing, China. Polluted air, in which the pigeons also have to fly without a “beak mask”.


We in the West are critical and many experts are not even convinced of the usefulness of wearing the mask outside in an open environment, not to mention during a walk in the park.

Whether surgical masks really protect remains a subtle proposition as the study below shows.

It turns out that an FFP2 type (e.g. N95) is the most useful (and for me also the most comfortable) and better than the blue – white pleated surgical mask, which hangs from the elastic straps like some unhygienic rag after a few hours.

Conclusion: Evidence on mask effectiveness for respiratory infection prevention is stronger in health care than community settings.
N95 respirators might reduce SARS-CoV-1 risk versus surgical masks in health care settings, but applicability to SARS-CoV-2 is uncertain.


Moreover, many wear it incorrectly, with potentially major consequences.


I compare the whole Covid 19 thing with the weather.

When a hurricane is announced, you crawl into your basement and you don’t come out anymore.

In case of a storm, you secure the house and stand guard in front of a safe window.

If a heavy pouring rain is predicted, you are very attentive and follow the weather reports carefully from work in order to return home quickly if necessary….

If you are considering a trip, you want to be sure of good weather during your stay.

If in doubt it is better to stay at home.

I also take half a spoon of a geranium-based home preparation against Respiratory Disorders of Viral Origin every evening. (abbreviated as RAVO).

Scientific studies show that this plant extract is effective against flu, influenza, parainfluenza, rotavirus but also coronaviruses. It also makes me sleep very well…

Geranium extract also has an anti-cancer effect (e.g. prostate, breast, brain tumor):
unlike some other extracts, it would also be non-toxic


The big challenge of the fall is going to be: do I have a common flu or Corona? Luckily, thanks to a few alert doctors with simple treatments (dexamethasone, blood thinners against thrombosis), we have far fewer deaths than three months ago, …

And, we do not hope so, there is a probability that Corona will stay with us for the rest of our lives, …


Competitions during the hot summer months

 Besides the heads and throat, the droppings are a very important clinical indicator to assess the health of the pigeon.

We have always recommended to administer extra Cometose during days of great heat.

This preparation ensures the retention of an additional supply of water in the intestine by the formation of gel.

Pigeons do not have a bladder as a urine reservoir, but a cloaca, in which manure and urine are mixed.

The system is very refined and helps to manage the water supply optimally.

Sometimes too much water is drained away.



Thus, the contents of the cloaca can be pushed up to the colon by bowel movements, where the water can be reabsorbed into the bloodstream or the manure can be pushed down (outside) with a short movement.

Some changes in food and beverage intake, as well as (heat) stress conditions cause a shift in this balance, whereby aqueous droppings are wrongly attributed to an infection.

Many fanciers raise the alarm and choose for a cure of antibiotics in the water and indeed, things are improving already, …

It sometimes happens that just by reducing the water intake as a result of the taste of the dissolved chemical, a correction occurs and the manure becomes drier again.

In case of heat the pigeons need extra energy to keep their body temperature low.(air-conditioning function)

Our pigeons are astonishingly strong and live comparatively much longer than mammals of the same weight, because their metabolism is able to generate enormous amounts of energy from oil with the aid of a lot of oxygen and this to make flying possible.

In full summer when it is hot and the toughest competitions are scheduled, water and oxygen are crucial for this system, hence the importance of Cometose and Hemoglobal.

Hemoglobal is an underestimated product: it contains a lot of iron that improves oxygen fixation and is therefore crucial for breathing.


It is ideal to administer both products two or three days before heavy flights: one tablespoon of each per kg of food together with a Comed oil (Comedol, Curol…).

Pharmacist Jean-Louis Jorissen










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Op bezoek bij Kuypers Johnny

Onlangs bracht Ruth Kempeneers marketingverantwoordelijke bij Comed  een bezoekje aan Johny Kuypers.

Hij heeft in Munsterbilzen een heus volièrecomplex waarin hij tientallen exotische vogels onderhoudt. Hoofdzakelijk houdt Johny zich bezig met toerako’s en sierfazanten. Om die te verzorgen gebruikt hij o.a. Curol, Lysocur Forte, Lysocur oogdruppels Stopmite, Fertibol etc van Comed.

Zij zijn een volledige aanvulling aan de voeding en spelen een belangrijke rol in het voorkomen van ziekte en dit zonder het gebruik van  antibiotica .



Johnny is in elk geval zeer tevreden over de producten en dat is ook duidelijk zichtbaar aan de vogels. Zijn toerako’s, fazanten, kwartels… komen niets tekort en leven zonder gezondheidszorgen als het ware in het paradijs. ‘Het is een beetje een uit de hand gelopen hobby.


Dagelijks besteed ik uren aan mijn vogels, maar ik heb het er zeker voor over’, vertelt Johnny.

Hij raadt iedereen dan ook aan om de producten van Comed te gebruiken.


Lucas Palmans

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 Meanwhile the sky is clearing, although the Corona weathermen still spot dark clouds on the horizon.

In our pharmacy, the use of antibiotics has decreased enormously, which indicates very few infections of a bacterial nature.
This is a direct consequence of the impact of hand hygiene -including no more handshakes- the mouth masks and the social distance rule.
Also staying outside in the fresh spring air costs nothing and offers only advantages.
A link was indeed found between vitamin D and Corona.
Those who have a vitamin D deficiency (up to 30 % of our population during the winter) are more likely to experience serious lung damage in case of a Corona infection.
Despite many good supplements, the best source of vitamin D remains safe exposure to the sun.
If the weather is suitable, try to remain naked in the sun for at least half an hour a week.
The best times are before 10 o’clock and after 17 o’clock.
On the positive side, we have learned to appreciate how beautiful it is to be allowed to “do” normal simple things freely.




The FASFC requires us to print the following warning about choline chloride on certain labels.
Simultaneous administration with drinking water to which choline chloride has already been added must be avoided.
This requires some explanation:

Choline chloride is commonly classified as a vitamin.
It appears in many products in the pigeon world (Comin Cholin B-complex, Jovati Sedugolll, Tollisol etc, …).
It belongs to the family of water-soluble B vitamins.
It was formerly known as vitamin B4.
Like other vitamins, it plays an important role in the diet, but its daily requirement seems to be hundreds of times greater than that of other vitamins.
It is a common substance in living beings.
In foodstuffs choline occurs in free form or as phosphatidylcholine (lecithin).
The highest levels can be found in egg yolk, but also in beef, chicken and offal (liver).
Soybeans are also rich sources.

In smaller quantities it is present in cereals (e.g. wheat germ) as well as in fruits and nuts.
What is it used for?
* As a component of lecithin, it is important for the structure of the cell membrane and ensures the transport of lipids from the liver to other parts of the body, thus preventing fat accumulation in the liver. Lecithin, in turn, plays an emulsifying role in the intestine so that the feed is better absorbed.
As you know, it’s very important for the pigeon that there’s enough fat present in the chest and heart muscle to be able to perform well.

* It’s a precursor in the synthesis of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, which supports an interaction in muscle control in case of stress which in turn strongly influences the immune system.

* It is a source of loose methyl groups, which are essential for numerous biological processes and therefore an important factor for healthy growth.

The FASFC requires us to mention the following warning on the label:

  • Simultaneous use with water for drinking to which Choline Chloride has been added should be avoided.

This causes some uncertainty and confusion.
Some manufacturers who do not comply with this provision expose themselves to penalties in case of inspections, usually they are just not aware.
The legislation is very complex and evolving.
Almost daily there are large or small alterations.
Because Belgium still considers our pigeons as food producing animals, the provisions have been interpreted very strictly.

When you order a pigeon in a restaurant, you can’t tell if it was one of the sport pigeons from the loft of a breeder or a consumption pigeon from the poultry sote which has thousands of them under the provision poultry, …

Supplementation of Choline has always been popular as a growth-enhancer.
It was subjected to numerous tests in the poultry industry and the recommended doses were thoroughly checked for accuracy.
The fact is that one cannot say exactly how much is too much.
You should therefore avoid the simultaneous administration in the water of e.g. Comin Cholin B-complex with one of the many variants that also contain extra Choline, available on the market.
Indeed, we know that the ideal dose and the overdose are close together.
The positive effect on growth for pigeons is between 0.7 to 2 g per kg feed or 2 litres of water.

According to studies, administrating more would be counterproductive, resulting in less rather than more growth.
There are also many factors that influence absorption and processing by the body.
The presence of e.g. B12 affects the absorption in a favourable way and also of certain nutrients.
Some foodstuffs also contain an extra amount of Choline (e.g. soy is a good source).
Other tests showed that e.g. a tenfold dose poses no risk to the animal itself, neither to humans who would eat the animal nor to the environment.

The strong smell of fish at high doses would not immediately irritate the eyes and airways.

But – and here the problem lies – there are insufficient studies showing that people working in farms where Choline Chloride is permanently added to the drinking water and exposed to the penetrating odour are completely safe.

The mandatory warning is therefore certainly useful both for industrial poultry farming and for us pigeon fanciers. It is important to know that simultaneous administration of several preparations containing Choline Chloride, will overshoot the target and will reduce the growth rather than improve it.

Trop is too much,…

For a long time I argue for a coherent approach. Fans who puzzle a system with all kinds of products from different producers risk missing such sensitive information and can be disappointed.


At Comed, Comin Cholin B-complex, Tempo 60, Myobol and Lysocur Forte contain a supplement of Choline Chloride. If these 3 products are applied at the same time, they still remain below the specified dose of 2 g per kg feed or 2 litres of water.




When ordering via our website (, a free sample is sent with each order.

Pharmacist Jean-Louis Jorissen

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A current review, in these exceptional times. In this situation unseen for mankind, it is not possible to communicate well enough. Governor Cuomo of the severely affected state of New York is the illustrative example.
He understands the art of communication.
It is essential to respect the rules of the game in relation to the two fundamental but straightforward and distinct principles in a crisis with possible consequences of biblical proportions, namely the resolutions and the decisions.

A resolution is the result of analysis after a thorough examination by scientific experts.
(In the case of Covid19 hypotheses, it concerns mainly assumptions that are subject to advancing insight).
These resolutions have meanwhile been more than understood by everyone.

The decision whether or not to follow this resolution is up to the politicians, elected representatives of the people.

It is worrying and highly confusing that it now seems as if the experts are making the decisions, by putting public pressure on the politicians.

In the meantime, the distressing daily mortality rates in resting homes are communicated almost as an “event”, with people still unaware of the extent to which hospital admissions are the result of the catastrophe in these residential care centres.

(Here the ball was not poorly beaten, no, the ball just wasn’t seen).

However, these hospitalizations will determine the reopening of the shops (for many a life’s work and never closed in the Netherlands) to save them from ruin.

The population urgently needs a coherent policy, in which each party has its place.

In the meantime, the release of the pigeon sport, not being a physical group sport, is already more prominent in the media.

In any case, now that we get the green light, it’s vital to protect us optimally.

This sometimes causes inconveniences.

Due to the hygiene measures, the skin can dry out and damage after weeks of frequent overloading.

Dermatologists are observing more and more anomalies related to frequent washing of the hands or the skin of the face due to wearing a mask for whole days.


Comed therefore, also offers personal protection equipment.

Face protection masks made of plexiglass (25 euro).



The Alcogel from pharmacy Jorissen contains extra Panthenol to protect the skin and prevent these effects. We recommend protecting the face as well.

Moreover, you can give the skin extra nourishment by applying Comed Crème (udder cream).



Pharmacist Jean-Louis Jorissen