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Times change …


I have known Michel Vanlint for a very long time. He has a keen observation capacity, and I shared with him the quest for the ideal care of pigeons. The Lost Son was very well informed both of the medication and the natural remedies, that made our conversations uncommonly captivating.

At the time, the antibiotics were still very popular, despite the resistance problem, against which I always warned and what intrigued him, not to say without which pigeon sport seemed impossible. As a pharmacist and trader in antibiotics, I had, unlike Michel and many others, made my choice long ago and pleaded against their use in sport in general and especially against blind cures in particular. Many times I was scornfully displaced in medical circles with the remark “what you propose can’t be realised”.


Twelve years ago, he came to visit me, accompanied by the fancier Willem de Bruyn, who still was unknown to me. Willem was a refreshing appearance with an open character and his scientific insights immediately made him a captivating visitor to our house. It was an acquaintance between two men both born in 1949 and who were allowed to experience as adolescents “The Golden Sixties” with next to the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, also the grandmaster Bob Dylan. Bob Dylan released in 1964 “Times They are changing”, after putting a final hold on the Vietnam War with some sentences in “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door”, Far too late, but more than right he recently won the Nobel Prize for Literature. In May 1968, when the youth managed to tear themselves away from the establishment, we ended up in college.



Willem was very interested in a new approach, and after our first meeting on the antibiotic-free approach, he totally agreed. “I was looking for this conversation for a long time” so he let me know a few days later. Many more conversations followed. As a dentist, Willem was completely fed up with the antibiotic cures. He also found that it could not be possible that whoever had the most powerful antibiotics with the widest spectrum would have the best results. The approach was radically changed, no turning back.

To Michel, it was more difficult to let go his tried and tested medical system with which he was at the top for years. I want to put the impressive record of achievements to the picture.

Then we slightly started to go separate ways, even though with mutual respect for each other’s system. Michel has meanwhile completed his rich competitive career but remains a passionate lover of the sport. The content of our conversations remained, he renewed his interest in the COMED METHOD and supports us with his experienced observations when enhancing the products.

Since his new approach, Willem has been able to look back on an unprecedented, uninterrupted series of victories. I can conclude that this historic first visit by Michel and Willem has in any way laid a stone in our river, which has changed its course completely.

The approach of Comed starts to get more followers. Therefore, I am very grateful to both iconic fanciers and convinced that in the long run, the pigeon sport will be the big winner.


Times they are changing:

Come gather ’round people
Wherever you roam
And admit that the waters
Around you have grown
And accept it that soon
You’ll be drenched to the bone.
If your time to you
Is worth savin’
Then you better start swimmin’
Or you’ll sink like a stone
For the times they are a-changin’.
Come writers and critics
Who prophesize with your pen
And keep your eyes wide
The chance won’t come again
And don’t speak too soon
For the wheel’s still in spin
And there’s no tellin’ who
That it’s namin’.
For the loser now
Will be later to win
For the times they are a-changin’.
Come senators, congressmen
Please heed the call
Don’t stand in the doorway
Don’t block up the hall
For he that gets hurt
Will be he who has stalled
There’s a battle outside
And it is ragin’.
It’ll soon…

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El condor pasa

The Incas from the Andes Mountains of Peru showed in their buildings the most astonishing potential of human geometric ingenuity.

The enormous boulders used in Machu Picchu came from the other side of the valley across the wild river, in the most steeply populated country in the world with the sharpest slopes in high mountains.

Machu Pichu



The perfectly matching granite monoliths colossi, up to 300 tonnes, sometimes 5 meters high, are seamlessly ingeniously

made in a multi-connection and you cannot get a razor blade in between.

This made the whole “earthquake resistant.”


I was always fascinated by the fact that until today nobody understands how they proceeded correctly.

I became more and more intrigued, and when I thought of the limited resources they had available, I was just nervous: they knew nor the wheel, nor the iron, nor the written language.

At most, they had a llama as an extra workforce. When you put a 50-kilo load on it, he drops down to the knees in the mud.

Large complex structures -although created by human hands- made a tremendous impression. Thus they often gave a divine dimension to it.

Many of the buildings have disappeared because the conquistadores cut their blocks into cubic stones, mainly to build their churches with them.

It is quite clear that the conquistadores have never been able to figure out how the Incas were working.

They must have refused to learn how to work their raw stone. It simply cannot be possible, that the Spaniards, if they had known, never mentioned this.

Have the Incas taken their secret architecture into their graves?

Especially the llamas and the sheep are inextricably linked to the Andes.

The condor, the giant vulture, has also been part of it for thousands of years.

It has a wingspan of more than 3 m weighs 15 kg and can eat up to 10 kg at once.

It breeds every two years and lives mainly of carcasses whose decaying scent can be smelled up to 200 km from his nest!

Rather exceptionally he hunts sheep.


The Incas from the Andes had to keep up with the sheep herds.

They bred them because of the wool, the milk and the flesh.

In the last century, the shepherds were increasingly annoyed by the condors that were attracted by the large herds, and they supplied their hatches rather exceptional with a stolen lamb.

Although this was rare, the shepherds decided to shoot the condors without mercy.

After a few decades, however, the sheep had also disappeared with the condors.

These were extinct because of all kinds of strange diseases.

Pretty soon a clever biologist had found the link.

The condor always grabbed the weaker sheep from the herd.

He was thus involved in a strong breed with good resistance to diseases.

When the condor was eliminated as a scavenger of the weak genes, the weak sheep were able to propagate with the result that after a few generations, the oats had outbreaks of diseases against which no remedy existed.

Now that the condor is allowed to go its course, he helps to eliminate the genes of these weak sheep and thus to maintain the population.

The moral of this story is that nature has to go its course.


It’s not smart to keep everything alive.

Give the best natural products to your pigeons, and what about those who do not survive?

Leave them behind.

The weaklings and suckers will cost you a multitude of misery in the long run.

It is a small example of Darwin’s law: The survival of the fittest.

Comed bases his vision on these sober principles and delivers an urgent message: break with the negative past by ceasing preventive work with antibiotics and building the positive future with Curol, Winmix, Roni, Stopmite Clean Etc.

We practise the sport with healthy animals, not with sick animals.

It’s the logic itself.

Honestly, man is allowed to take the animal out of its natural environment and practise a sport with it, provided that we do not make it sick.

Of course, “the sport” influences health: cockfights, bullfighting, are extreme examples.

But also the colouring of birds, unloading pigeons in bad weather.

By interfering with their way of life, human beings charge their health.

Already 40 years, Comed focuses specifically on tackling this problem.

The solution is the COMED METHOD. (No systematic treatment with antibiotics for infections in the illusion that they could sustainably improve sports performance).

Without antibiotics, with Curol, Winmix and Roni etc. even gives a better result.

The pigeon fanciers are always looking for a “strong product”.

Sometimes one doesn’t look so tightly… three-in-one, four-in-one, five antibiotics-in-one mixes were examples of a perverse habit.

For decades Comed has constantly been warning for his in all their lectures and leaflets…

Do we want to be the generation with a dubious reputation, who manages to discover the antibiotics and then, in a few decades, squanders it in purely pointless and stupid use?

Or… do we want to be the generation that turned the tide, predetermining the health of our children with a sense of responsibility?

Which products?

No other choice is possible now.

No nostalgic folk medicine of herbs. Often leading to sometimes dangerous quackery.

No simplistic bio-approach, there must be sufficient effect.

High-tech orthomolecular nutrition and scientifically approached aromatherapy.

We leave behind those animals which cannot survive.

The survival of the fittest” in the footsteps of Charles Darwin.

We have to select because, for practical reasons, the sports and hobby husbandry of animals cannot keep an entire breed.

Comed is a pronounced searching laboratory.

All formulas are constantly refined, often without much publicity.

Willem de Bruijn was more than ten years ago the early decision maker.

As a medical professional (dentist) he struggled with the irrational use of antibiotics for years.

It led year after year to staggering results.

Comed products are the minimum of non-medicated aid that you should give an animal when you take it out of its biotope and thereby charge for possible health consequences.

The end of the therapeutic tenacity is in sight. Often, improbable treatments were applied, antibiotic cocktails should be called into question on how it could be that the poor animals were still performing, despite the almost intoxication with antibiotics… This caused turmoil in the pigeon sports world. The result with the COMED METHOD: not just as well, but even better without antibiotics.

Follow the COMED METHOD or get hopelessly behind…!!!




10% discount on three products of your choice from the breeding package (*)


* Promotion valid on all sizes


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Given the increased sales of Curol and Roni, we can reduce our production cost.
Hence, we can announce that the price of Curol will drop by 8% and Roni will drop by 10% as
from January 1st, 2019



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There is nothing worse than if a colleague fancier performs better with descendants of your pigeons in his loft than you do in your own loft…

The results at the end of the flying season are simple but merciless facts and figures.

Despite patience, observation, and experience, moments of glory are sometimes omitted.


The breeding for the next season is the start of renewed hope, renewed opportunities…

Briefly consider before the breeding and check for the winter,…

 De ‘hemelvogel’ (1965) René Magritte


  1. The selection of the pigeons is both difficult and easy ….

A primary preselection exists (see also below *), in addition to their achievements, in simply eliminating pigeons with a weak immune system.
The rest comes down to look and feel.
The visual evaluation, the physical appearance, and the behavior or temperament are an important first aid.
The things one observes cannot always be described in words…
When feeling the pigeon in the hand, a minimum level of knowledge of anatomy is required.
Sometimes it concerns indescribable data.
The vibrations you get from her are an intense contact that tells you something about her sporting potential.
When holding the pigeon, you feel the energy, the short resistance in the form of a small struggle, then the surrender, confidence in each other and then in the entire team.
The reciprocity and affection between the fancier and his pigeons are enchanting, but also sober.
Pigeons communicate internally. They exchange among themselves- for us imperceptible- signals, which can determine their relationship with the appreciation their  “patron”’.
They develop a positive, neutral or negative image of the fancier.


The fact is certain: the more the fancier carries his pigeons in the heart, the more intense the bond with his team.


  1. Feeding is a trade in itself that one cannot delegate to any person, on the basis of routine with a reliable brand feed. Subtle changes in the dietary pattern compose important information.

The protein content in the diet of the parents, during reproduction, varies from 14% during breeding up to 16% when feeding the crop milk and rises to 18% in the young pigeons.


  1. Hygiene and environment in general e.g. climatic conditions must be monitored permanently.

Today we have sporulating germs that in an invisible way cleanse the environment microscopically of waste (manure, nutrients, algae) in which pathogens could develop. (Clean range of Comed)


(*) The selection remains of great importance and is an essential part of our approach where it can go wrong…

I have known many promising fanciers who, in a daring way, labeled the use of preventive antibiotics (blind treatments) as indispensable and harmless.

Unfortunately, they all come into trouble sooner or later, because they eliminate resistance to the infections as a crucial feature, from the selection criteria.

However, the age of antibiotics is over and we need to use the alternatives wisely.

Moreover, there is no choice because the pharmaceutical industry wants and will not develop new antibiotics.

-As the destruction of the rainforests takes place at an accelerated pace in favor of the palm oil cultivation, the examples from the plant world are being exhausted definitively and irreversibly.

– And who wants to invest in new models such as e.g. from fungi in abandoned subterranean caves?

If one can still make antibiotics out of it, chances are that the government reserves these for the severe cases e.g. for hospitalized patients.


However, there is the insufficient trade to recoup the astronomical development costs.

-OR, if the government does not impose use restrictions, such a new drug is immediately used on a massive scale, so that resistance to it appears within a short time.

Therefore one cannot disregard the Resistance Selection Method that Comed developed after more than 40 years of research.

No complicated schemes.

Give the same supplements daily:

Curol, Winmix, Roni, Stopmite

During breeding extra Fertibol.

Leave behind the pigeons that continue to suck in spite of this schedule.

It cannot be simpler.

Moreover, you can mix these Comed products in advance and safely store a week in a closed (plastic) packaging.

The MAGICAL MIRACLE of the new life deserves a MAGICAL PRODUCT!

In the ovary, water and proteins are deposited around a fertilized egg, through gland secretion. Then this egg descends along a muscular tube (isthmus) from the ovary to the uterus. It passes through the scale-forming gland which produces a secretion of salts, protein-like fibers, and 97% calcium (!)  and thus forms the final egg.

Some call this a miracle with the creator’s intervention, others a logical consequence emerging from Darwin’s Theory of Evolution. Let us Belgians keep up with the magical realism that is associated with our country, thanks to the world famous painter René Magritte from Schaarbeek.








Zielsverwantschappen (1933) René Magritte



Fortunately, we have an optimal Source of calcium such as FERTIBOL to perfectly accompany this enchanting, complex and hormonal controlled process.

It has never been possible to match the quality of FERTIBOL.

The magic formula complies to all requirements to complete this miracle successfully.






FERTIBOL provides an ideal buffered ratio of Calcium and Phosphorus, both for the scaling, and afterward for the bone formation of the young.

FERTIBOL is the only preparation with an acidic PH, which allows the intestine to maintain its natural protection against infection in equilibrium.



With Curol, Winmix, Roni and Stopmite on the feed and

Clean Oral in the drinking water

You have the omnium insurance for a successful breeding…


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About the breeding of a 4th and 5th round.

More than 60 years ago, on a regular basis, children in primary school ( mostly from large families) were too skinny, too small, or deformed, in short, where many things were wrong caused by deprivation.

Often they got infected, in silence and shame, by the white plague (tuberculosis, a lingering disease) because the food was poor and besides cod liver oil -which tasted like rotten fish- there were hardly any vitamins.

If the mother had a bad latch and there was no cow’s milk, they were unfortunate because there was no infant nutrition rich in proteins.

Such children could hardly develop into top athletes; often they carried during their whole life the traces of what they had suffered in their childhood.

Not to mention the prematurely worn-out parents, who sacrificed themselves, who were overburdened by the heavy family, and tried to give everything to their offspring in spite of the scarcity.

At that time, there were no effective contraceptives, and with many children, they had later a promise for parental care, the only guarantee for the old days.     Mr. Priest called it the “child blessing”…


Somehow, we want to compare this with the boosted breeding programs in the pigeon sport, with the difference that now we do have resources for a special approach.

I recommend many famous fanciers to respond intelligently to the large demand for young pigeons from well-performing parents.
Those parents get wiped by the game conditions and are sometimes not noticed.
The youngsters also undergo this thorny condition and often look correspondingly.
Customised support is essential.

Indeed a 4th and 5th round should in theory not be a problem.
Specific breeding pigeons can even do 7 up to 8 rounds, without any significant problems.
Moving the eggs is also a way out, but in this way, we are (heavily) overloading the hens.

Psychically these pigeons can certainly meet such challenge.

We are initiating the primal instincts of reproduction, in which the parents will fulfill their duty honorably by completely annuling themselves.

The hens take on the lion’s share of the work and become the most detoriated.

And exactly there is our problem.

The youngsters of the 4th and 5th round carry in themselves the desired genes for which they were bought, but are often physically just a shadow of what they could be.
When the reserved pigeons are picked up, we often get a sad picture.
They lack the opulence of early breeding because they roll out of an intense production program.
Often you only feel skin, feathers, and bones.
Beware, they aren’t ill (yet), but it’s not an ideal condition.

At the very least, we also have to provide that they receive the support to which they are entitled.
The wise Jan Grondelaers once said that you must take the breeding couples in the same condition than the ones for the races.

Moreover, the growing up youngsters may not encounter shortages at any time, because thus we deprive them of chances of success as an adult pigeon.

Are the current feed mixes and breeding plans insufficient?

Of course, the feed manufacturers take the utmost account of the special needs during breeding.
These mixes mainly have a higher content of proteins.

In addition to the known additions of vitamins, minerals, and so forth, we need to have extra fats and protein for a 4th and a 5th round.

We mention that for the carbohydrates (sugars) there is no problem, they usually get more than enough of it from the starch in the cereals.

The COMED breeding program provides oils (Curol, Fertol) which largely covers the additional need for fats.
Regarding the proteins, the natural source Levicom is advisable.
This enriched brewer’s yeast contains 40% protein and is interesting to already add during the breeding period.

Remember: If we give extra protein, the acidity will decrease in the intestine and Roni becomes necessary.
It keeps the acid level down so that the intestinal resistance remains in balance.

All these interventions ensure that the crop milk of the parents  -which the nestlings receive the first four days- is rich in fats and protein.
In this way, they get a smooth start, and in theory, they can absorb the nutrition optimally without any shortages, until weaning.

The general additions Winmix, Tempo 60, Fertibol (Calcium and Phosphorus) are broadly available in the breeding scheme.

This system works excellent until the 3rd round.

For a 4th and 5th round, you have to administer the breeding products from of the scheme to a few weeks after weaning, both to the parents and to the nestling.


Can we undertake something additional?

PROTEIN and FATS, the parents have generously supplied them to their offspring through the crop milk and must be supplemented quickly.

Also, we must now provide more of these important components, partly because their absorption decreases due to a diminished hormone effect from the 4th round.

As a protein supplement, we recommend Enercom; it contains more than 90% well-absorbable protein.
The fat supplement is preferably done with Loadpul (80% fat and 15% calcium).
It is possible to use this in heavy breeding programs of the 4th and 5th round, certainly administer on a daily basis one tablespoon per kilo to the parents as well as to the youngsters.

Administer this supplement until a few weeks after weaning.

Paul Huls gave me a tip to make it easier for the enthusiast and to develop an “all in” product.

The research department of Comed has started to develop and soon hopes to present such a total preparation, which will be called Procalip, with a high content of good proteins and fats, especially to support boosted breeding programs efficiently.

Interested fanciers who wish to participate in the tests may register.


We will keep you informed.