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18TH International pigeon exhibition Langfang China

Comed in China (Langfang)!




Father and daughter first and second generation of Comed







from left to right

Ruth Kempeneers (Sales Comed)

Daughter Marie Jorissen (PR Comed)

Mr. Hong Marcel

Kevin (PR manger Pinhwan company)

Son Philippe Jorissen (Administrator Comed)



Brother and sister

Philippe and Marie Jorissen






Comed stand








Meeting between Comed and the Pinhwan corporation









A gift from Comed for the family Hong.

Original hand painted Belgium certificate for 1924.

The very first years of racing pigeon competition.








Philip Jorissen and Mr. CC Hong































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RECOVERY: water is the most important supplement!

During a race, often in the summer heat, our pigeon consumes a considerable amount of his water reserves. During the flight and even in extreme conditions, she can manage very efficiently her water management and kidney function. Up to maximum 8% of the purified blood turns into urine. Therefore, the recovery is first of all focused on refilling these water reserves at homecoming in order to compensate the loss of moisture in a quick and appropriate way.

Hydracom Iso contains electrolytes which, through osmosis, provide an equal distribution and storage of water in the body of the pigeon (isotonic). During exercise, the electrolytes ensure that the water and the dissolved nutrients in water, are transported to the active muscles and that the muscles disseminate the waste dissolved in water.
This process is called osmosis.

A shortage of certain electrolytes can cause muscle cramps. Because of osmosis, water, nutrients and waste are exchanged. If insufficient electrolytes and moisture are procured during exercise, this can cause muscle cramps and exhaustion. The performance will even decrease in case of a small loss of moisture. When a young pigeon loses, within 24 hours of time, more than 10% of its body weight in water, for example due to flat manure or extreme heat, she is in mortal danger. Hydracom Iso can also be administered in case of digestion problems causing dehydration.

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Did you know you can race to the top with personal coaching of Belgian industrial pharmacist Jean Louis?

Mister Brown and Jean Louis met each other in Ontario at the AU Convention in December 2016. Jean Louis is the founder of Comed, a Belgian company manufacturing food supplements for almost 40 years.

“Since I met Jean Louis my birds have received no medication. I had major health problems before changing to the Comed Method from misusing antibiotics and other medications. So I expected there to be a change curve that I would have to go through. To this point I am pleased that I am using nothing but Comed.”


See below the race results, they speak for themselves:



Open and Junior Category

Name: LUT9                          Old Bird Race             Flown: 05/06/2017

Release(C): 07:45  Birds: 350   Lofts: 27                    Station: LUTHER OK

Weather (Rel) CLEAR, CALM, 52 degrees    (Arr) CLEAR, SW 7, 81 degrees

Clear with light southernly winds along the course.


      1 WF BROWN/15   1536   AU 16 WF    ____ C 11:05:11 151.768 00.00 1334.335 138

 2 WF BROWN      1510   AU 16 WF    ____ H 11:05:13  2/ 15  00.02 1334.112 136

  3 WF BROWN      1523   AU 16 WF    ____ C 11:05:16  3/ 15  00.05 1333.779 134

  4 WF BROWN      1578   AU 16 WF    ____ C 11:05:17  4/ 15  00.06 1333.668 132

  5 WF BROWN      1549   AU 16 WF    ____ C 11:05:19  5/ 15  00.08 1333.446 130

  6 WF BROWN       420   AU 15 WF    ____ C 11:08:07  6/ 15  02.56 1315.065 128

  7 WF BROWN      1565   AU 16 WF    ____ C 11:08:09  7/ 15  02.58 1314.849 126

  8 WF BROWN      1525   AU 16 WF    ____ C 11:08:10  8/ 15  02.59 1314.741 124

An example of the email contact between mister Brown and Jean Louis:

“Jean Louis, I am using Curol, Winmix and Roni every day. Please advice on how often to use Cometose.”

“Cometose ad full doses, until the digestive problems are completely resolved. Once resolved drop back to a halve doses. Give always a full doses the day before basketting.”

“Birds are looking and acting much better. Strong appetite and flew 1 1/2 hours off the loft this morning. Thanks for the help once again my friend.”






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Testimony Stopmite…

Hello Jean Louis,

I think I may have some excellent news to report about the Stopmite you are producing. We’ve been testing the product since January in my lofts, in Bobby Devorsky’s loft in Texas, in Dean Ledet’s loft here in Louisiana and in Mike Cortes’ loft in Springhill, Florida.

I checked with all of them this weekend and all of them reported NOT ONE POX. I breed over 600 youngsters per year here at my lofts. We are currently banding number 486. This means I am nearly 3/4 done banding youngsters. In checking my past years records going back eight years I have never gone this long into a breeding season without seeing at least some babies with pox bumps on their noses or feet. The other guys all reported the same thing.

With all of us living in areas where there are typically high populations of mosquitoes it seems like more than just coincidence that none of us have pigeons with pox. We obviously need a little more time to know for sure but there is great reason to be optimistic right now. I like the new Stop Mite product that you just sent me. We are already testing it but I think it is going to be much better.