Comed method

Our vision

Our vision at Comed is based on sheer facts and it delivers an urgent message:

* Quit the negative past by ending the preventive use of antibiotics and by building a positive future with Curol, Winmix and Roni.

* Sport is to be practised with healthy animals and not with unhealthy animals. This is only logical!

We removed the animal from its biotope (=natural environment)

Challanging sports make the animals ill by getting them out of their biotope: Cock fights and bull fights are extreme examples, but we can also mention the colouring of birds, the liberation of pigeons in bad weather, …

By messing with the animals’ way of life, man has caused all kinds of animal health problems. Comed has been specifically focusing on dealing with these problems almost for 40 years. The solution provided is a combination of philosophy and treatment and not a systematic antibiotic treatment for infections caused by the sport itself: the Comed Method. Without antibiotics, with Curol, Winmix and Roni leading to a better result.

Do we want to be the generation of forefathers with a questionable reputation, who discovered antibiotics just to waste them in one generation by applying them without any use or sense? Or… will we be the generation that turned the tide, that was responsible enough as to put our children’s health first?

What we make

There is no other option now. No nostalgic herbal popular medicine which often leads to dangerous quackery. We use high-technological orthomolecular nutrition and scientifically approached aromatherapy. During the demanding racing championship, we give the pigeons a very good chance of being successful with the Comed Method. Pigeons that are not able, despite the Comed Method, are weaklings who do not belong in the team.

“The survival of the fittest” , following in Charles Darwin’s footsteps. We really do have to select the pigeons anyway, because after all, for practical reasons it's not possible that we keep all of them.

Comed is a pronounced research laboratory. All formulas are constantly refined, without much publicity. Comed is the minimum non-medicinal support you should provide a pigeon with, if you take it out of its biotope and thus burden it with possible health consequences.

Often doubtful treatments were applied, antibiotic cocktails which made you wonder how these poor animals could even perform, despite almost being intoxicated by antibiotics…

The result with the Comed Method: not just as good, but clearly better without antibiotics.

Follow the COMED METHOD or drop hopelessly behind …!!!


Jean-Louis Jorissen

Industrial pharmacist