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FOOD SUPPLEMENTS … who can still see the forest for the trees …



Herman Dillen is meanwhile 94 years old and each month, he invariably drives from Lanaken to Hoeselt for a cup of coffee and a chat about “the old days”.

I could still crawl under the kitchen table, when Herman and his colleague Thomas Peeters (father of veterinarian Norbert) from As, both representatives of Versele, came to visit us because my dad Dries Jorissen was one of the first dealers in Limburg for the fodder of the renowned company from Deinze.

After my graduation as a pharmacist, he occasionally took me to his good friends in Germany, where he had marketed the pigeon fodder for Versele.

Herman felt like a fish in the water in Germany and he was very much appreciated.

He had (and still has) a clear and powerful voice and the business conversations usually ended up with a glass of “Lager” where the friendship was celebrated many times with loud German Folk songs …

After the reunification of Germany, the first pigeon fair took place in Kassel and we also drove in that direction.

I was immediately impressed by the enormous interests that were at stake in the International Pigeon sport.

Discussion topics were e.g. the feed, the lofts, transportation, clocks, etc… and some great Belgian brands of pigeon products (Fabry, Colombine, De Reiger Colman…).

In addition, I became acquainted with the emerging phenomenon of opportunistic herbal quacks, who sold stories to the good-faith fanciers, the one even more doubtful than the other.

There was/will be benefited from the ignorant lover with a lack of knowledge of things and his illusionary urge to always win.

Comed was then just present on the Belgian market with products such as “Edele olie” (Precious oil), Tempo 60 and Cometose

The following year the company launched itself on the German market in the belief that our expertise and scientific basis could make up for a lot.

And then the ball started rolling…

Herman was also the founder of the idea to get a pigeon village off the ground in Belgium, where fanciers from all over the world could buy a house with a loft, to participate in the Belgian competition.

Together with the late Pros Roosen, we prospected many possible locations (even Bokrijk was a possibility) for our ambitious plan of 100 of such houses.

Finally, it was not a pigeon village but the World Pigeon Center (opened in 1999 together with Jos Thoné) a one loft race with the challenge, participation in the entire Belgian league…

Unfortunately, this project did not come off the ground, as some of the essential issues were overlooked. We were not yet sufficiently familiar with the given.

Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose…

Meanwhile, son Philippe successfully gave the WPC a new destination as Office centre, Congress and banquet hall.

Furthermore, within a few months, it will form a unit together with the adjacent building that COMED is furnishing as new production hall.

Our production capacity requires a thorough adjustment of the original space in the buildings, especially in the height.

In its research history, Comed developed many different products and in its 46th anniversary continues to constantly refine and modify its range of products. Each for their own target group.

We believe that this is a strong and stable basis for the future of our company.

The advantage is that through our range we have an arsenal of possibilities, to tackle almost every health problem that the fanciers have to deal with, adequately, naturally and safely, without the use of antibiotics.

Setting up a helpdesk for our customers is the next goal to give expert and quick advice or to respond questions.

Under the influence of European regulations, the Government makes a clear difference between nutrition (supplements) and medicines for pigeons.

They don’t want medical properties to be attributed to nutritional supplements.

Even though certain nutritional supplements are undeniably preventive and curative against most dreaded pathogens (coccidiosis, E. coli, Salmonella, herpes, etc.), however, the Government prohibits any mention of this on labelling or advertising…

The FASFC has therefore issued an “indicative” list of words as being allowed to explain the functioning of foodstuffs without therefore being a strict directive.

Names of organs may not be used, although the word “bowel Conditioner” (which Comed introduces on the market) is not a problem.

The Pigeon sport is an outstanding environment for bacteria, fungi and viruses, for which medicines are developed and one forgets the alternative solutions that Mother Nature can also provide.

From its inception, Comed has focused on this “grey zone” to specialise in a positive and serious way in this kind of complex natural methods.

In fact, these resources are therefore also called “nutraceuticals“, which are foods that sometimes have clear curative potential.

It is not a simple discipline, but it does offer an opportunity to tackle the over-consumption of antibiotics.

A team of four pharmacists is on hand to provide you expert advice on this form of treatment, namely health through the diet.

A care system with Comed products does not have to be complicated at all…

You can start with 2 products and expand them at your own insight and budget.

Don’t hesitate to contact us or give us a personal visit.

The coffee is ready…