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Fertibol is a suspension with calcium, phosphor and extra vitamins A, D and E. It is necessary for eggs with a perfect structure.

Furthermore, Fertibol provides a solid constitution and a balanced growth of the skeleton of young birds.


Usage 1 coffee spoon (5 ml) per 250 g of food. Administration starting 2 week before the breeding and continue until the weaning period. Never in the drinking water! Shake well before use!

Formules Calciumfosfaat, calcium di waterstoffosfaathydraat Toevoegingsmiddelen: vitaminen en pro vitaminen per liter: vitamine A (E672) 500.000 I.E., vitamine D3 (E671) 75.000 I.E., vitamine E (3a700) 4.000 mg. Waarborgen: ruw eiwit 0%, ruw vet 0%, ruwe celstof 0%, ruwe as 15%, calcium 4,5%, fosfor 3,6%, water 78%, natrium 0%, lysine 0%, methionine 0%. Gefabriceerd 2 jaar voor de aangegeven datum van minimumhoudbaarheid. Toelatingsnummer van de fabrikant BE633

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