Megabactin Bird


Intestinal balance – against liquid faeces – play
a role in disease defense.

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Megabactin Bird is an intestinal conditioner which controls fluid excreta. Megabactin Bird is a vegetable-based biological product, which preserves the intestinal balance of the bird (guarantees an optimal pH-value during the igestion).

Cometose regulates the intestinal transit and covers the intestinal mucosa with a protective film.

It contains probiotics that promote a healthy intestinal flora and gives natural resistance to excreta.

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Usage During the breeding, the moulting and in case of stress: 1 filled coffee spoon (5g) over 250g of food or eggfood during 3 times a week. Administer in combination with Fertol Bird, Murol Bird of Stressol Bird and Winmix Bird (depending the periode). During the resting period:  1 level coffee spoon (2g) over 250g of food or eggfood, once a week. Never in the drinking water!

Formules Vruchtenpulp, glucose, manno-oligosaccharides en ß-glucans, natriumchloride, maltodextrines, aardappelzetmeel, schilfers van psylliumgranen, kaliumchloride, mono natrium fosfaat, magnesiumoxide, magnesiumchloride. Waarborgen: ruw eiwit 5%, ruw vet 1%, ruwe celstof7%, ruwe as 11%, methionine 0%, lysine 0%, natrium 3,2%. Gefabriceerd 3 jaar voor de aangegeven datum van minimumhoudbaarheid. Toelatingsnummer van de fabrikant: BE6338

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