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Acidic intestine = healthy intestine

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Roni is a product developed for the health of the mucous membranes of the beak, the throat and the digestive system of young birds. This effect can be achieved because the product provides a special layer of mucous carbohydrates. The combination ensures an alert immune system as well as a good digestion. According to scientific studies the composition feeds the healthy intestinal flora while the disturbing germs are disadvantaged (starved). It is an active intestinal conditioner and an ideal complement for Megabactin.

Usage In case of problems, whenever a change in the feeding pattern occurs or to normalise the digestive function: a cure of 5 days. For an optimal breeding: Daily administration for 14 days before coupling and 14 days in the diet of the young pigeons at weaning for maximum development of the immune system. Dosage: 1 full coffee spoon (5 g) per 1 litre drinking water (the solution is slightly trouble) or per 500g of food. Store in dry condition.

Formules Glucose, oligosacchariden, gist. Toevoegingsmiddelen: Micro-organismen per kg: Bacillus subtilis C-302 (EU 4b1820) 10×10¹º CFU Waarborgen: ruw eiwit 0%, ruw vet 0%, ruw celstof 0%, ruwe as 0%, natrium 0%, methionine 0%, lysine 0%. Gefabriceerd 3 jaar voor de aangegeven datum van minimumhoudbaarheid. Toelatingsnummer van de fabrikant: BE6338

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