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Stopmite a feed supplement enhancing the loft’s cleanliness and thus haves a sound effect on the birds‘ plumage.

Stopmite‘s essential oils are mixed ith the feed and excreted through the skin and the respiratory tract after being digested. Your pigeons‘ droppings, breath and nests will have a particular smell which parasites and various sorts flying insects will avoid.

– The clay in Stopmite detoxes the body by
absorption and neutralises the ammonia in droppings.
Stopmite purifies the loft air and makes it less irritating for the respiratory tract.

  • Stopmite creates a parasite-free environment!
  • Stopmite spreads a very pleasant smell in the loft!
  • Stopmite is harmless and improves your pigeons‘ health


25 g per kg of feed

To achieve an optimum effect, scatter a little powder under the nesting mats and the feeders.
During important periods like breeding, flying season and moult, we recommend to administer Stopmite permanently.
As indicated above, it is extremely important that the air present in the loft is pure and rich in oxygen.


Complementary feed for pigeons. Composition: glucose,  calciumcarbonaat, schillen van citrusvruchten. Additives per kg: clinoptiloliet van sedimentaire oorsprong (1g568) 400 g. Guarantee:  rough eggwhite 0 %, crude fat 0,05 %, raw cellulose 0,2 %, ruwe as 44 %, natrium 0 %, methionine 0%, lysine 0 % Best used before: see label on the jar Manufactured three years before the specified date of minimum durability Comed sa/nv, OL Vrouwstraat 2, B3730 Hoeselt. Admission Number of the manufacturer: BE6338

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