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Stopmite is a food supplement that keeps the cages and aviaries clean and has a positive effect on the plumage of your birds.:

– The the essential oils in Stopmite are mixed in the feed and after digestion it is excreted through the skin and the airways. The breath of the birds, the excrements and the loft of your birds, get a special scent that is avoided by parasites.
– The clay present in Stopmite, detoxifies the body by absorbing and neutralizing the ammonia from the faeces.
– Stopmite cleans the air in the aviaries causing less irritation of the airways.
Stopmite  spreads a pleasant aromatic scent in your aviary!
Stopmite is harmless and increases the welfare of your birds

25 g per kg total feed (eggfood and/or seed)

After cleaning the aviaries or aviaries, one can also spread a layer of powder across the floor to dry out the faeces. As indicated above, it is extremely important that the present air in the cage is pure and rich in oxygen.


Complementary feed for birds.
Composition: glucose, calcium carbonate, citrus peel.
Additives per kg: clinoptilolite of sedimentary origin (1g568) 400 g.
crude protein 0%, crude fat 0.05%, crude cellulose 0.2%, crude ash 44%, sodium 0%, methionine 0%, lysine 0%
Preferably used before: see label on the jar
Manufactured 3 years before the stated minimum durability date.
Lot no .: see label on the jar.
Manufacturer’s approval number: BE6338

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