Wheat Germ Oil


Wheat germ oil is a quality oil made by Comed.

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Wheat germ oil is a quality oil made by Comed.

Comed has opted for a cold process solvent extraction to obtain Wheat germ oil.

This cold process avoids pressure and heat so that all major components (minerals and vitamins) don’t degenerate. An oil, prepared by this cold process, has excellent quality as it retains all its power and vitality.

Advantages of cold process:
• Optimal basis for a 100% pure oil.
• Longer shelf life and higher efficiency.

The use of a colored, dark oil is not recommended. This has been warmed up by the pressing and undergoes oxidation (becomes rancid).

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Usage Breeding season: 2 weeks before coupling, daily until the laying performance. Rest of the year: 2 to 3 days prior each period of stress. Dosage: 15ml (1 soupspoon) per kg of food.

Formules Tarwekiemolie. Toevoegingsmiddel: vitaminen en pro vitaminen per l: vitamine E 2000 mg. Waarborgen: ruw vet 100%. Gefabriceerd 2 jaar voor de aangegeven datum van minimumhoudbaarheid. Toelatingsnummer van de fabrikant: BE6338