Winmix 4.0



– is a total product for optimal metabolism

– plays an important role in disease resistance.


Product Info

The first all-in-one basic preparation for racing birds provides your pigeons with all the necessary vitamins, trace elements, essential amino acids, mine-rals, prebiotic enzymes, electrolytes and buffered acidic PH values which stimulate the development of good germs. It also contains proteins which aid in developing a strong muscular structure and which are indispensable in the pigeons early growth. It also contains vegetable fibres for a better digestion and plant extracts which benefit the pigeons overall health.

Each of Winmix’s active substances is in perfect balance for it, to ensure an even and coordinated effect. Winmix is highly absorbable and is 100% effective. Winmix gets and keeps your pigeons in the best shape.

With this  generation of Winmix, exceptional emphasis will be placed on a number of issues:

– a very high water-binding capacity

– stimulating the growth of the villi (**)

These are the typical small intestine notches, with surface increasing folds and bulges, where the exchange food / waste takes place at the level of the intestine.

– Building a fibre network in the intestinal content, which is not decom
posed in the bowel channel.

–  At the same time with the increased waterbinding effect we aim to release that water quickly (acts as a sponge), when the organism needs it.



(**) The thin bowel wall is folded. These intestinal folds, provide a huge enlargement of the surface. There are also numerous bulges on the folds, the intestinal flakes or the villi, which in turn increase the surface even more. The total contact area of the small intestine of the pigeon is approximately one m². The contact with the consuming food mass is therefore optimal. By means of resorption, nutrients are absorbed into the blood via the epithelial cells that make up the intestinal wall. The villi contain cleansing lymphatic vessels and capillaries.The nutrient-enriched blood from the intestinal flakes goes from the intestines to the portal vein, which transports the nutrients to the liver. In the liver, the metabolism starts.


1 tablespoon (15g) per kg of feed.

If necessary use daily
See scheme for the best possible use.


Soja-eiwittenconcentraat, glucose, vruchtenpulp, calciumzout van palmolie, manno-oligosacchariden en ß-glucan, natriumchloride, maltrodextrinen, aardappelzetmeel, schilfers van psylliumgranen, kaliumchloride, mono natriumfosfaat, magnesiumoxide, magnesiumchloride. Toevoegingsmiddelen: sporenelementen per kg: ijzer chelaat van aminozuren – ijzer (E1) 2.000mg, zink chelaat van aminozuren – zink (E6) 830mg, koper chelaat van aminozuren – koper (E4) 290mg, mangaan chelaat van aminozuren – mangaan (E5) 460mg, calciumjodaat – jodium (E2) 70mg, geinactiveerd selenium gist- selenium (3b812) 13mg. Vitaminen en pro vitaminen per kg: vitamine A (E672) 300.000 I.E., vitamine D3 (E671) 30.000 I.E., vitamine E (3a700) 650mg, vitamine K3 100mg, vitamine B1 680mg, vitamine B2 480mg, niacinamide (3a315) 1.000mg, pantotheenzuur 1.000mg, vitamine B6 (3a831) 550mg, foliumzuur (3a316) 33mg, vitamine B12 1.30mg, vitamine C (E300) 10.000mg, biotine 25mg. Waarborgen: ruw eiwit 25%, ruw vet 12%, ruwe celstof 2,8%, ruwe as 8%, natrium 1,5%, lysine 1,2%, methionine 0,3%. Gefabriceerd 3 jaar voor de aangegeven datum van minimumhoudbaarheid. Toelatingsnummer van de fabrikant BE6338

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