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A current review, in these exceptional times. In this situation unseen for mankind, it is not possible to communicate well enough. Governor Cuomo of the severely affected state of New York is the illustrative example.
He understands the art of communication.
It is essential to respect the rules of the game in relation to the two fundamental but straightforward and distinct principles in a crisis with possible consequences of biblical proportions, namely the resolutions and the decisions.

A resolution is the result of analysis after a thorough examination by scientific experts.
(In the case of Covid19 hypotheses, it concerns mainly assumptions that are subject to advancing insight).
These resolutions have meanwhile been more than understood by everyone.

The decision whether or not to follow this resolution is up to the politicians, elected representatives of the people.

It is worrying and highly confusing that it now seems as if the experts are making the decisions, by putting public pressure on the politicians.

In the meantime, the distressing daily mortality rates in resting homes are communicated almost as an “event”, with people still unaware of the extent to which hospital admissions are the result of the catastrophe in these residential care centres.

(Here the ball was not poorly beaten, no, the ball just wasn’t seen).

However, these hospitalizations will determine the reopening of the shops (for many a life’s work and never closed in the Netherlands) to save them from ruin.

The population urgently needs a coherent policy, in which each party has its place.

In the meantime, the release of the pigeon sport, not being a physical group sport, is already more prominent in the media.

In any case, now that we get the green light, it’s vital to protect us optimally.

This sometimes causes inconveniences.

Due to the hygiene measures, the skin can dry out and damage after weeks of frequent overloading.

Dermatologists are observing more and more anomalies related to frequent washing of the hands or the skin of the face due to wearing a mask for whole days.


Comed therefore, also offers personal protection equipment.

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