Who we are

A relentlessly passionate group of scientists

Science is our long life.
To develop top products is our passion.
Bring winners on a healthy way to the top,
that's what keeps us moving.

What we make

High-technological orthomolecular nutrition and scientifically approached aromatherapy. We leave the animals, which cannot survive with this, behind. "The survival of the fittest", following in Charles Darwin's footsteps.

We do have to select the animals, because for practical reasons we cannot keep all of them when we are breeding sports and hobby animals.

"The survival of the fittest" Comed-user.

Comed is a laboratory which is always searching. All formulas are constantly being refined without a lot of publicity. Comed products are the minimum non-medicinal support that you need to give an animal when you take it out of its habitat and therefore burden it with possible health consequences.

The result with the Comed resistance-selection-method: not just as good, but clearly better without antibiotics. Follow the resistance-selection method from Comed or drop hopelessly behind...!!!

Our vision

Our vision at Comed is based on sheer facts and it delivers an urgent message:

  • Quit the negative past by ending the preventive use of antibiotics and by building a positive future with Curol.
  • Sport is to be practised with healthy animals, not with unhealthy ones. This is only logical.

We removed the animal from its biotope (natural environment). Of course the animal's health is influenced by getting them out of their biotope (cock and bull fights are extreme examples, but we can also mention the colouring of birds, the liberation of pigeons in bad weather,...).

By messing with the animals' way of life, man has caused all kinds of animal health problems. Comed has been specifically focusing on dealing with these problems for 35 years. The solution provided by "Comed Science" is a combination of philosophy and treatment (not a systematic antibiotic treatment for infections caused by the sport itself): the resistance-selection method by Comed. Without antibiotics, but Curol leads to a much better result.

Antibiotics and resistance

When Comed was founded in the early 1970s, there was still a large choice of recently developed effective and safe antibiotics (penicillin had already been discovered, right before WWII). Antibiotics became very popular and their use grew to spectacular proportions. However, by massively using these antibiotics whether they were relevant or not, germs grew more and more resistant.

At the same time, some 30 years ago, no new antibiotics were discovered for reasons which cannot be explained. Since the chinolones (Baytril), no new antibiotics have been taken to the market in 30 years, despite the enormous budgets and massive university research.

The problem of resistance is often caused by the fact that antibiotic cures are not finished. The patient is feeling better, but the bacteria hasn’t disappeared from their body yet. The remaining bacteria are those that
could resist antibiotic best and could find a way to survive. When the cure is finished, these bacteria will multiply abundantly, and their progeny will be harder to fight. Eventually, this will result in strains that are completely resistant.

Antibiotics and animals

What have we been doing with the animals?

In animal breeding, and poultry breeding in particular, they quickly noticed the growth-promoting properties of antibiotics when administered to young breeding animals on a permanent basis. That way the habit arose of using antibiotics as a standard fattening system in stock breeding. Due to the large concentration of animals on a limited surface – because of economic advantages – there is an increase in stress and infection pressure. Infections spread rapidly, they inhibit the growth and the turnover.The abuse has to end NOW! The advice Comed gives you is as follows: no more breeding with or tuned to antibiotics

The turnaround: resistance - selection - method

Resistance selection is a one-way street. Only a drastic decrease of the excessive use of antibiotics can end the increasing resistance. It is a task, both for doctors as for the user, to safeguard the future of our modern medicine. A reversal is possible but the useless consumption of antibiotics should keep on diminishing, and everyone can contribute to this. Save the current antibiotics, one day they can save your life ... and your grandchildren’s lives!

Abuses in animal breeding are the basis of this problem and they might be the biggest cause of the fact that we are not able to help an increasing number of people anymore. Bacteria that infect animals can infect humans as well. They are also able to pass on their adaptive or resistance characteristics to one another. Everyone senses that this is irresponsible and that we cannot go on like this anymore, but there are important economic arguments. The animal sports world as well quickly appreciated the properties of antibiotics.