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Overall, it’s been good.

Despite the sinister start caused by the Corona measures, the season could still be saved.
It is September, the light diminishes, the days are shortened, the leaves fall off the trees, and the moulting has started.

Fortunately, we have the pigeon sport to forget the Corona misery. A pigeon fancier is a happy person when he has to /may stay more at home with his pigeons… right?

Everyone had their own strategy to deal with this, considering the postponed racing plan, in other words, a competition postponed to autumn…

With the extreme heat, many had to take extra care of the heads. At the high temperatures, the body has to be cooled down, which costs proportionally per degree twice as much energy as warming up.

This weakens the pigeons and the Coryza virus strikes. (That’s why we administer Curol and Myobol, of course together with frequently adjusted eye drops like Lysocur.)

We should not forget for a moment that the moulting is not entirely over until after 5-6 months.

Pens and feathers wear out through use and cannot be repaired,

That is why our pigeons are logically replacing them with new ones.

The best time for this is when nature rests…

The wing is an essential part for those who travel in the air.

Compare it to the maintenance of an aircraft where vital parts have to be replaced after a certain number of flight hours, worn out or not… this is considered very serious.

Numerous papers have already been written about moulting.

Especially about the food in which we have a choice.

Indeed, reputable feed manufacturers all offer concrete mixes.

Two themes are central during the moult.

– The preservation of warmth if well insulated (both during the change of costume and afterwards).

– The material for the creation of the new plumage.

In addition to the right feed, there are still essential accents to be placed where the additional supplements can make a difference.

Fat (oil) is responsible for the critical supply of calories regarding heat regulation.

The essential amino acids are indispensable building blocks for the (re)construction of the new plumage.

These are the foundations on which the Comed supplements are based.

Good care and impeccable health are essential throughout this period, which continues until the spring of next year.


Curol and Winmix with Murium provide this, possibly supplemented with Roni, Myobol, Stopmite and Clean Oral.


Curol plays a role in the prevention of possible sleeping diseases, which will inevitably lead to problematic moulting.

Stopmite contributes to a parasite-free plumage.

The essential amino acids are indispensable (otherwise we would not call them essential…) hence Murium.

So even in winter, adapted supplementary feed requires all our attention, we will lay the foundation for the next season with it.

In other words, you have to provide the Comed moulting system neatly, all winter long, or half a dose in the middle of winter…

Good luck