Exhibitions: How to prepare my birds?

Birds are cared for and prepared over a whole year for the highlight, which is the exhibition, where awards are given out.The bird is made up beautifully for the show.

Ensuring the birds are housed cleanly and well cared for throughout the year is essential. They also must come through the moult properly and be in good condition. For colour canaries (lipochrome), white/red/yellow: wash well with a shampoo (white: special shampoo). Check legs and nails (Transcutine), no damaged or broken feathers and cage the birds. Comed's exhibition schedule starts four weeks in advance.

The most considerable attention is needed in the period before - but also after - the exhibition.

In addition to this competitive outdoor event, the biological mission runs under the form of breeding (driven by the primal instinct of securing offspring) in the peace and regularity of familiar surroundings.

During the exhibition, the bird is immersed in the hustle and bustle of a unique environment.

The exhibition interrupted the care, feeding and supplements (whether through food or drinking water) to which he is accustomed. At the same time, his territorial urge is put to the test by the presence of often thousands of birds, who whistle that there is no question of challenging this.

The bird's resources decline accordingly, putting it in a new equilibrium where we can do something about it:

1. Providing extra fats:
It is a bird's preferred resource, which we need to replenish and maintain.

These fat droplets are converted into muscle power for flight by the oxygen stored in the muscles.

There is an option to intervene in this via nutrition. Fats (lipids) are energy-rich and have a slow metabolism. It takes days or weeks before these reserves are created and stacked (UV), and then another similar time for them to be used up in captivity.

It was so continuing to replenish before the show creates an excellent bridging period for the bird for several days when it goes out of there. Curol, Miobol and Exibi are the appropriate supplements for this purpose.

2. Neutralising free radicals generated by oxidative stress.
Free radicals are unstable and reactive fragments of (semi-)degraded food, which linger around in the organism before becoming part of new building blocks.Hun aanwezigheid neemt toe door (oxidatieve) stress.

These radicals disrupt cellular metabolism causing "problems" at all levels, causing imperfections in organism development and function.

      Winmix, Miobol and Stopmite can play an essential role in this regard.

      After the exhibition, a period of recovery is necessary. The organism must have the opportunity to clean up free radicals and dead cells, restore fat reserves and rid itself of any germs and parasites acquired through contact.

      Providing these exhibition supplements allows potential long-term damage to be controlled.

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