The BREEDING SCHEDULE of COMED emphasizes the essential role of four specific products.

Each of these products contributes specifically to the health and well-being of the birds, both individually and in their synergistic cooperation. Below is a concise explanation of these crucial products and their impact on the breeding process. 


Lisocur+ Birds

Lisocur + plays a key role in ensuring the overall health of the birds. This product, rich in natural aromatics, ensures that birds remain healthy by preventing dormant, or subclinical, problems that may not be immediately visible. These issues could otherwise go unnoticed and negatively impact breeding results. 

Lisocur + contains all necessary nutritional supplements (vitamins, amino acids, minerals, trace elements, electrolytes, enzymes, etc.) to bring the birds to absolute peak condition for breeding


Miobol Birds

Miobol promotes a strong skeletal and muscular system while building a robust immune system. The latter is essential for young birds to defend themselves against pathogens in their environment, such as bacteria, parasites, and viruses that may be present in the parents and other family members. 

Only with a well-functioning immune system can the young bird produce antibodies with memory to the antigens of present pathogens, which will intervene and naturally protect the bird when the disease flares up. The contribution of Miobol to the development of young birds is crucial and should not be underestimated. These results are noticeable within a week.

These results are noticeable within the week.


Roni Birds

Roni introduces probiotic germs into the birds' diet, resulting in an acidic gut flora. This acidity serves as a natural and efficient defense against harmful microorganisms. By creating an unfavorable environment for these problematic germs, Roni contributes to a healthier gut flora. 

This acidity also promotes better absorption of minerals and other nutrients, resulting in improved overall bird health.

These results are noticeable within the week.


Stopmite Birds

Stopmite effectively combats the burden of condition-devouring parasites, which is essential for the well-being of the bird and particularly successful breeding activities.

The whole

The combination of these four products as a whole forms the basis for all breeding activities, starting from several weeks before pairing the parents until after weaning the young.

This integrated system not only ensures healthier birds during the breeding period, as evidenced by early weaning, a clear demonstration of the effectiveness of the Comed system.

This integrated approach with only 4 crucial products leads to profound improvements during this delicate period in the life of our birds.


Fertibol Birds


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