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We love to get together with the best in our field. To exchange ideas, share experiences and seek explanations for what we face every day in pigeon racing. That is why we went together with Pol Huis, Albert Derwa and friends to the summer bar Barlisium in Bokrijk. We did not choose this location at random.

Barlisium summer bars' is a project of WPC, a subsidiary of COMED. WPC is an office complex with sleekly designed rooms that house all the technical necessities for companies. In addition to managing WPC, son Philippe Jorissen has realised the summer bars in Bokrijk, Alden Biezen and Kinrooi. Unfortunately, the location in Kinrooi is no longer open. Located on the beach at the large marina in Kinrooi, the flooding of the Meuse washed it away completely. We opted for the summer bar in Bokrijk. We can certainly recommend it as a location for a pleasant evening with a snack and drink. Our next meeting can again take place in a Barlisium summer bar as far as we are concerned.

Visits from Olivier Geyskens, Staf De Wever, Jo Larbi, Carlo Luyten, Pino Calatabiano, Salvatore Saltalmacchia, Albert Derwa, Mathias Coel, Robert Thenaerts, Paul Huls. Later Michel Vanlint also visited Barlisium Alden Biesen.

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