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The importance of proper dosage and use

The more I talk to the great champions, the more I see in them a certain moderation, a self-confidence that is in control. Of course, many fanciers are also tense and impatient by nature. They want to overdo everything, do their best, all too often by force. This does not necessarily mean that they will automatically perform badly, but it cannot be ruled out that this will harm the game.

Great fanciers are more or less in control of everything, even their own lives, with the result that there is inner peace which inevitably has an effect on the pigeon colony. It is a feeling of supreme bliss for the fancier to be in control and often to share in the prizes.

Bringing a pigeon body into the performance mode does not mean that all the knobs have to be turned to the maximum. In fact, the essential principle is that too much is too much.

For a manufacturer of nutritional supplements, one of the main concerns is ensuring that the dosage provided is correct. One of the problems is often that the fancier thinks, "Oh well, it's just a harmless food, so giving a little bit more can't do any harm..."

This may be true for some ingredients, but the disadvantages usually worsen when overdosing becomes commonplace... It is very important to do the right thing because the effect of our products is significantly reduced by careless use. The difference in results between correct and incorrect dosages is significant and, therefore, regrettable.

We repeat that giving the same food every day (except the basketing day) is very important. The taste of the water and the food will always be the same for the pigeon and the metabolism will not have to adjust to a new equilibrium every time the dosage changes.

The one-off "surprise" from switching to all-natural products on the day of the basket can give the metabolism a natural boost.

Fats are a crucial example. They are more than twice as caloric as sugars or proteins and provide 70% of the energy during a race.

They are a much lighter fuel for the heart and muscles and are essential for racing flights.
Without fat, it is impossible to perform at the level of an average race. 

Worse still, when there is a shortage, the body immediately switches to protein consumption (the muscles are used up), which leads to ammonia secretion in the intestines, opening the door to infections.

We have therefore calculated the ideal quantities for the correct dosage in relation to the amount of work required.

Burning fat also releases twice as much water into the bloodstream as burning sugar and carbohydrates. Adequate fat intake, therefore, also protects against dehydration during flight.

The Vitesse programme requires slightly less fat than the Long Distance programme, so we prescribe extra fat for the latter (using Loadcaps or Loadpull).

For this efficient product, an adjusted amount has also been calculated, logically in proportion to the number of kilometres to be covered. If we feed too much oil or fat, we can crowd out the digestion of other nutrients or even the fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K.

Hydracom Recup Gluco

Glucose or dextrose can be helpful and is consumed while flying.
However, these carbohydrates must first be converted to fat. During exercise, they can be oxidised to pure energy (with carbon dioxide and water as by-products, similar to consuming fat from grains and legumes).

Therefore, the longer the period between basketing and flight, the more limited their contribution will be.

The choice of food (to which the products are added) also plays an important role. Soya, sunflower seeds, linseed, hemp and peanuts are excellent fat sources. 

However, the condition may lag a little if one feeds too heavily. Ideally, throwing a few feathers of down on top of the morning dung is a sign of a good balance between nutrition and fitness... If we are too heavy on nutrition, the down will be left behind, and we will simply have to feed some (e.g. 10%) barley or rice on top. Note that excess down can often indicate poor shape.

Consider all these details for an ideal dosage and always start with the given dosage .... and common sense.

We experience that many fanciers still have questions or difficulties applying the new regulations and are often stuck in their old system.

So please do not hesitate to let us know if you would like to talk to us about this in more detail.
Our intention is to have intensive co-operation to maximise the benefits of the Comed method.

Until soon!
Jean-Louis Jorissen

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