Better formulas for our products.

FCA Certificate

To obtain the FCA certificate, COMED had to re-evaluate all its raw materials suppliers, with everything and everyone having to comply with strict quality standards. An important fact was that we were no longer allowed to use raw materials intended for human consumption. We were fortunate in this respect and were able to improve our formulas significantly through this research. Thus, we found an alternative to the most expensive ingredient in Roni, a solution that was very efficient and very affordable. The RONI formula became not only BETTER but also CHEAPER!

The same happens with the stronger dosed Curol, which replaces the weaker dosed Comedol, but at the same price! Comedol and Curol now become the same product but at the lower cost of Comedol. Due to our more considerable purchasing, we partly managed to shorten the procurement chain. We are talking about a reduction of almost half! We can also reduce the price of Lisocur+ for the same reason. In this way, Roni and Curol and/or Lisocur+ can become a daily product, giving every fancier the chance to experience its actual long-term effects. So our COMED colours fit perfectly: Yellow refers to cheap and inexpensive. Green refers to organic and environmentally friendly.

The strength of Roni.

Again, we would like to stress the unique role Roni plays during the whole season, but especially during the breeding season, its contribution is essential. We understand that for many fanciers the price is also a crucial factor. It is now reduced to only 49€ per kilo! (*)

This outstanding combination stimulates good intestinal flora and also ensures proper digestion. Roni is an active gut conditioner and perfectly complements Cometose, containing probiotics, yeast and intestinal antiseptics. Roni is a product for the mucous membranes in the beak, throat and digestive system. We know that harmful intestinal germs do not tolerate an acidic environment. That is why apple cider vinegar was used to remedy intestinal diseases. However, apple vinegar is mainly effective against germs in the drinking water. The effect of that weak acid in the digestive system is barely noticeable.

The unique fibres in Roni stimulate the lactic acid-producing flora germs, keeping the acidity level high even in the minor folds of the intestine. Roni ensures efficient digestion of the feed so that pigeons eat less. Roni converts fat reserves into available intramuscular fat, which is necessary for flight performance. This conversion is essential in a natural system where the pigeons have more weight due to a lack of movement than widowers that train twice a day.

An active substance derived from garlic dissolves the unwanted mucus clusters (biofilm) that protect the harmful germs from the defence mechanism of the intestinal wall. They help strengthen the natural defences, support the immune system and play a role in disease resistance. Roni is an ideal acid-producing preparation for the intestine and provides primary care. With activated garlic extracts, Roni keeps the intestines in good health throughout the season.


Curol is a perfect alternative for those who do not want to do more blind cures.

Curol will only cost €43 per litre! (*)

Curol includes distinct aromas and is part of an alternative strategy to the preventive use of antibiotics. Antibiotics only work after a few days, and aromas work immediately.

Curol is an optimally formulated health oil derived from Comedol and developed on the base of active aromatics.They help strengthen natural defences, support the immune system and play a role in disease resistance.

The complete solution: Lisocur+

From now on, Lisocur+ will be available at EUR 22 per litre. (*)

Lisocur+ is a fast-acting, water-soluble, total agent, which plays an essential role in disease defence. It is a health treatment containing, in addition to plant extracts and essential oils, all the vital supplements that keep the pigeon's immune system in balance. Lisocur+ ensures clean heads, keeps the airways free, stimulates intestinal function and strengthens and increases the intestinal flora. Lisocur+ is indispensable for putting the pigeons in good condition at the start of the new racing season, maintaining that good shape, and supporting the respiratory tract and intestinal balance (especially in the young pigeon).

 (*) The prices listed include VAT and are valid in Belgium. 

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