Healthy gut = healthy pigeons

As scientists, we believe in the natural health of pigeons. The better we support it proactively and sustainably, the less the pigeons need drastic interventions. Therefore, you do not need to solve a problem that does not arise in your pigeons. In this context, let us focus for a moment on the crucial issue of digestion.

A healthy gut is an acidic gut.

The disadvantage of high-protein and high-lime feed.

Protein and calcium are necessary for the pigeons' optimal muscular and skeletal development. However, these two essential nutrients have the disadvantage of neutralising the crucial intestinal acid, protecting the pigeon against germs. In other words, by doing what is necessary, we are also opening the door to contamination. We must, of course, counteract this naturally and sustainably.

A powerful folk remedy.

Natural remedies used many years ago still have their proven effects today. We know that harmful intestinal germs do not tolerate an acidic environment (low pH' less than seven on a scale of 1 to 14). That is why they used apple cider vinegar as a popular remedy for intestinal problems. However, apple vinegar has a limited effect against germs in the bowl of drinking water. The impact of that weak acid after dilution in the digestive tract is hardly noticeable. A natural solution, therefore, requires a good approach.

Roni for extra protection. 

Roni is ideal acidifying preparation for the digestive tract from the mucous membranes "of beak and throat" down to the cloaca. Roni contains acid-producing probiotics, yeasts and an active gut conditioner. In that respect, Roni is a significant supplementary feed. Roni maximises lactic acid production in the colon. It binds the unwanted excess ammonia to the harmless ammonium lactate to keep the colon healthy, even in the smallest bulges. In this way, we eliminate the disadvantages of the high-protein sports and breeding mixes and the calcium-rich grit.

The unique fibres in Roni support the flora that produces lactic acid, keeping the acidity level (pH) in the entire digestive tract at a low level. Roni optimises the digestion of the feed, which is fully broken down and consumed, so pigeons need to eat less. 
Roni converts the fat from the feed into available intramuscular fat, which is necessary for flight performance. It is essential in a natural game system where the pigeons weigh more due to a lack of movement (because of breeding) than widowers who are allowed to train twice a day.

This excellent composition with acid-forming probiotics ensures a balanced intestinal flora and is, therefore, primary care.

An active substance derived from garlic dissolves the unwanted mucus clusters in which the germs can entrench themselves against the defence mechanism of the intestinal wall. Thus, they help strengthen the natural resistance, support the immune system and play a role in disease defence.

In short, it is an active gut conditioner and a perfect complement to the classic Cometose (which we additionally recommend for extreme heat and thirst). Intestine good, all good.

Use Roni:
10 g per 2 litres of water (the solution is slightly cloudy).
You can also mix it in the feed (10 g per kg feed).


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