Is your dog healthy in the welfare state?

Being gatherers, dogs will have a natural urge to search for food permanently, and when there is an abundance, they will completely saturate themselves.

In nature, this enables them to bridge periods of shortage.

On the one hand, a domesticated dog never has a lack of available food, but on the other hand, it cannot determine the correct quantity for itself.

An unfortunate side effect of our prosperous society with its universal abundance is that people too often respond to the insistent demands of their pets for food.

This primal urge is also used to teach dogs all kinds of skills with a reward in treats.

A calculated daily ration of special feed, such as pellets, may seem inadequate, so we are tempted to feed them all kinds of leftovers.

On the other hand, our dogs may be left too often and enjoy less exercise and outdoor air, depending on the family situation.

The adverse effects of this common situation are all too often ignored.

In short, overeating, too much loneliness and too little exercise are the leading causes of obesity and poor health.

Balanced nutrition

To ensure that your dog has a healthy and happy life, he needs daily mental and physical activity.
A strict diet avoids dangerous obesity, the cause of many health problems, such as diabetes, rheumatism, arthritis and even multiple organ failure.

Adding dextrin (prebiotic), ComDog provides a food source that allows the beneficial and desirable intestinal flora to thrive.

ComDog nourishes the good intestinal flora while the troublesome germs are harmed (starved out).

This positive stimulation increases resistance to infection. ComDog is the core preparation in Comed's global health approach.


Specific vitamin deficiencies can lead to various conditions:
skin lesions, respiratory problems and increased susceptibility to infections, loss of appetite, weight loss, reduced growth rate, exhaustion, hair loss, dry scaly skin, etc.

These deficits can be prevented by providing ComDog together with a balanced diet.

  • ComDog, a liquid food supplement, was developed to prevent the possible deficiencies mentioned above and maintain the metabolism balance.
  • In combination with a balanced diet, ComDog has a noticeable positive effect on the coat: It looks luxuriantly rich and becomes shiny.
  • By maintaining the natural balance, ComDog is an excellent intestinal conditioner and your dog also quickly gets more nutrients from his food.
  • ComDog is thus indispensable for dogs with a more sedentary lifestyle (little exercise).
  • ComDog is also ideally suited to dogs that are mentally and physically active by regularly practising demanding activities such as agility, obedience, flyball, etc;
  • ComDog enables them to release the extra energy so they are always prepared for physical challenges and able to stay focused.
  • ComDog is easy to dose, easy to absorb and can be fed with food and drinking water.

Order here ComDog.

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