Riboflavine (vitamine B2)

Many videos are circulating about the side effects of the COVID-19 vaccines, with examples and theories designed to make people feel worried. Whatever their motives, some of these professors or doctors use their titles to spread doubt on TikTok.

Although science can never guarantee 100% safety, the high efficacy rate is a fact. I have 100% confidence in a tight international network of university centres. Dedicated scientists staff them. We have already forgotten the images of columns of military refrigerated lorries driving through Italian communities collecting over 500 COVID-19 bodies

The best fraudsters always add a little truth to their thesis to maximise confusion and increase credibility. In the USA, for example, a video has gone viral about a mother who stormed into a classroom in a rage to express her displeasure at the aggressive LGTBI lessons. The reactions were tremendous.

Even though...

The mention at the end of this clip that it was just a sketch made with actors to highlight the issue's sensitivity has been cut.


I support the government's call for vaccination based on international basic research by the world's best virologists.

Riboflavin or vitamin B2, "the forgotten vitamin.

In pigeon racing, riboflavin, or vitamin B2, is rarely discussed. It is, therefore, commonly referred to as "the forgotten vitamin". The fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K and the water-soluble vitamin B1 (which we wrote about in a previous blog) are essential in racing pigeons.

The less obvious vitamin B2 is involved in the cellular release of energy from fat, protein and carbohydrates through their conversion into glucose (glycogen). Vit B2 is a powerful antioxidant and thus has protective effects in the broad sense.

It affects calcium metabolism. Deficiency results in thinner eggshells and weaker bones, with slow growth to death after a few weeks, reduced laying and poor hatching, diarrhoea, curled toenails, paralysis (one leg forward), etc …

A deficiency of riboflavin (vitamin B2) was shown under the microscope to have a remarkable effect on the nerve fibres (myelin) coating. However, once the deficiency was replenished, everything recovered quickly. There were no lasting adverse effects (provided the deficit did not last too long). Deficiency in pigeons occurs under a dose of 1 mg per kilo of feed 👇

However, the majority of cereals contain a multiple of this amount per kilo:

Corn germ        30 mg
Wheat germ     25 mg
Millet                 27 mg
Oats                  20 mg
Peas                  20 mg
Soy                    21 mg
Sunflower        16 mg
Hemp               2,8 mg
Barley               0,62 mg
Rice                  1 mg

In practice, beware of feeding a poor mixture containing much barley, for example. In such a case, a carrier pigeon can suffer from a lack of vitamin B2.
For other poultry species, there are studies in which certain abnormalities have been observed due to the inferior quality of the feed (see below).

The breakdown of vitamin B2 in flour is much faster than in cereals, where it is better protected. This is due to more rapid oxidation. This is true even if the absorption of vitamin B2 in the small intestine is impaired due to unavoidable circumstances.

Some diets high in protein and fat can interfere with the vitamins of the B group and lead to deficiencies.

In a previous blog, for example, I recommended that when you are feeling down, you make your diet less rich by adding 10% rice or barley ...
Some fanciers go even further.

Someone on a full barley diet will need to ensure that they supplement with vitamin B2 …

Barley and rice contain a meagre amount of vitamin B2, which could lead to deficiency.

Vitamin B2, or riboflavin, is susceptible to UV light.

When dissolved in water, it gives a typical yellow colour ("flavum" in Latin means "yellow"). A solution in water in direct contact with sunlight will fade after a short time (a few hours). Vitamin B2 breaks down into inactive but harmless components.

Comed is developing a product to counteract the adverse effects of basket pressure during transport. These include less weight loss due to stress and heat and a less stressed immune system. 

Fluctuations in temperature and humidity are particularly challenging. The product will be given on the day of the basketing. During the tests, it was discovered that this product also eliminates the influence of direct UV light on the decomposition of vitamin B2 in the pot. The solution does not discolour and remains bright yellow for several days. We will test it next flight season and hope to market it afterwards.


While taking a bath, Archimedes discovered that the buoyancy of a body immersed in a liquid equals the weight of the displaced fluid. He shouted, "EUREKA!" (I've found it!) and ran naked into the street, forgetting to put on his clothes in all the excitement. (Wikipedia)


Riboflavin deficiency symptoms


Several of Comed's preparations (picture above) contain an appropriate amount of vitamin B2. Overall, vitamin B2 is very safe and non-toxic.

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