Make the right choices as a fancier.

On the one hand, the fancier likes to hold on to products that convinced him of a favourable effect in the past. On the other hand, he feels encouraged to experiment and innovate to obtain even better results.

We quite often see that fanciers encounter random, sometimes inexplicable, phenomena along the way, to which they react, justifiably or not. Therefore, choosing well and sticking to it for at least one season is crucial for a thorough and correct analysis.

COMED has often emphasised the importance of consistent choices in supplements. Therefore, our schedules should be based on the strict trinity: 1. What do I give? 2, When do I give it? 3. How much do I give it?

Proper use of supplements and the right choices are essential.
It is impossible to judge just by gut feelings.

This requires an open and intense relationship between the fanciers and Comed to push the right buttons in case of doubt and check whether the analysis considered all factors.

Such almost sacred cooperation is only possible with a positive attitude and in an atmosphere of unconditional mutual trust.

The highly complex organism may react somewhat differently than expected. Nutrition and periodic stress influences product deployment and environmental factors, such as breeding, climate, housing, etc. Therefore, it is better to pose a question immediately to regain complete control and retake the wheel quickly and, above all, not look for it where it is not.

A balanced and correct seed mix.

We must not forget that the purpose of nutrition is to provide those (bio)chemical components that make healthy living and performance possible. The birds' essential diet consists of various categories (seed mixes, eggfood, oilseeds, green feed, germination seed, live feed, etc.).

Manufacturers have great expertise in formulating the ideal mixtures to suit the needs, as these ingredients all have their advantages and disadvantages. Several variations depend on the species, and their experts (often agricultural engineers) study them.

  • Linseed is the richest source of omega-3 fatty acids (preferred fuel for our birds) in the entire plant world. It also contains a lot of sulphur, which is suitable for the plumage and detoxifying (laxative) at the same time.
  • Hemp makes our birds briefly ardent, and it is a good candy as a reward for a great relationship.
  • Sunflower seeds are the favourite snack for seed eaters. They are very rich in fat. The birds in the garden need this high-fat food during the winter period.
  • Millet is usually low in fat but high in carbohydrates.
  • Niger seed is nutritious and also a favourite among finches.
  • White barley is a source of vitamin B, proteins and iron.

And this requires balanced and selected supplements.

For that reason, we carefully determine the concentrations of ingredients when developing the formulas. COMED considers this to ensure that the products are complementary or corrective. Discover our products here.

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