About us

We believe in a natural approach to keep animals (pigeons, birds and dogs) healthy. To deliver on this promise, we have been investing in thorough scientific research and permanent optimisation of our products since 1976.

Our mission is to bring, on a worldwide level, both professional breeders and recreational or sporting breeders safely to the top without antibiotics. Therefore, our products are the result of years of research, vision and valuable feedback from our customers.



Our laboratories and production lines comply with strict legislation. COMED is FCA certified and has been awarded manufacturer's authorisation numbers BE 6338 and BE 105291.

FCA certified

Jean-Louis Jorissen, more than 45 years of experience.

Founder and industrial pharmacist Jean-Louis Jorissen developed the COMED Method according to the resistance selection principle. Together we take your animals to the top, thanks to natural support. "The survival of the fittest", in the wake of Charles Darwin, creates your champion.

Knowledge has brought me happiness.” 

In the mid-1980s, he specialised as an industrial pharmacist at the University of Liège. Always fascinated by the potential and scientific usefulness of medicine and nutrition, COMED developed a range of natural food supplements for animals.

"A great advantage is that my colleague François Duda and I complement each other. We have studied together and are fully in tune with each other. I determine which new formulas we will develop, based on an intense contact with the market. François is the patient scientist who finalises the product technically," says Jean-Louis Jorissen. "Since 2012 my son Frederic Jorissen, also a pharmacist, has joined this team and 2015 pharmacist Ilse Verstraeten has completed the team." The merit of the COMED range therefore comes to the cooperation of the foursome.

COMED still focuses daily on scientific research and development in order to offer only the best. Production and research started and have been taking place in Hoeselt, Limburg, Belgium, ever since.

Our experts.

A team of 15 passionate experts is working daily on the development and optimisation of our products. From medical advice, to research and development.