Old Pigeons Racing Season

Old Pigeons Racing Season

Winmix is in itself a complete moulting care. It is a total supplement of almost 40 ingredients, needed daily according to the latest scientific guidelines. In addition, it contains vegetal substances that play an important role in the defence against disease.

If you are looking for absolute simplicity, use only Winmix. However, we also recommend Curol, which provides defence against disease, and extra energy during moulting when our birds suffer significant heat loss.

May I combine the products from two periods?

Yes, keep in mind that if you combine Lisocur + and Winmix, that you administer just half a dose of each.

Apart from these basic products, is there anything else that makes sense?

That's right, Roni. This is useful both during breeding and competitions, when there is a need for protein and calcium rich feed. These two are very necessary nutrients, however, have the disadvantage of neutralizing the protecting intestinal acid against germs. In other words, through feeding what's needed, we're opening the door to infections at the same time.

Roni is a very useful water-soluble supplement in that respect. It ensures that the intestine retains the acid always on site by means of 4 probiotic germs, so that the disadvantages of sport and breeding mixture, as well as the grit, are abolished. (it is better to give a lower dose daily, e.g. 1/3, instead of twice a week).

Can we also use meaningful sanitary supplements?

Stopmite is an absolute must against parasites that plague the pigeons, especially at night. This makes their condition vulnerable, which makes them susceptible to problems with the airways, among others. Finally, Clean Oral is also a useful product to keep the drinking and bathing water clean by means of living, sporulating germs. (probiotics)

Most fanciers prefer to disperse all products, except Clean Oral, over the feed. If desired, Lisocur + and Roni can be added to the drinking water.

It is recommended to administer the indicated dosage on the packaging, permanently. It is better to take half a dose daily instead of every 2 days. During the resting and transitional periods, these supplements can also be administered at half dosage.