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In China, everything is about youth and the son kneels for his parents



China has a great tradition, its civilization is older than ours. They have much to offer in the spiritual realm, which has inspired the West.

The three major Eastern philosophical currents: Buddhism, the most important, but also Taoism and Confucianism are closely linked. These are particularly tolerant lifestyles in which people are at the heart of the process. Buddhism creates a strong and closed community with respect for each other.


Important is pietism, it is about obeying the parents in all circumstances.  When you were weak and vulnerable, your parents protected you and, therefore, once they become weak and vulnerable, you must always be prepared to do the same for them.  They use the term “milk money”, which indicates that children, in return, must provide parents with financial support for the breast milk that they have previously received…

                                                                                                                                                                                                                Scene from the Song Dynasty where a son kneels for his parents.

The concept of shame is important.  Every Chinese person learns very early to behave in society, not to harm anyone and not to defame the family name. Two typical characteristics of their conviction are the worship of ancestors and faith in karma, destiny.  In the house incense shall always be burned in front of a small altar, for the spirits of the ancestors; they must be cared for properly, or disease and destruction await.


There are Four Noble Truths:

1 Life consists of suffering. 2 Suffering is caused by desire. 3 Ending of suffering can be attained by eliminating all desire. 4 The Nobel Eightfold Path leads to the redemption of suffering.

The Noble Eightfold Path


1 right speech-2 right view-3 right resolve-4 right conduct-5 right livelihood-6 right effort-7 right mindfulness-8 right meditative absorption or union. Religion comes from the Latin “religare”, translated “which connects”. From a social point of view, we must not underestimate this, because we all want to be “there”, secured in the community. Our Western “religious” communities offer many advantages: health care, education and childcare, leisure and entertainment in general. The community often links norms and values to these provisions, and this had to be taken into account, at the risk of exclusion or punishment. Freedom of opinion was limited and instead a mysterious god was put forward.

In the Western world, several movements are set in motion according to the revelations of God himself to man, in which groups of people are forced to interpret them and to begin to judge -in the name of God- good and evil.

The problems start here. The clergy, as they call this group of people, acted as a representative of the supreme being and dissected old writings of revelations and recommendations and drew conclusions that could no longer be questioned. The people were particularly afraid of God…

Each person has his own analysis and belief in his or her deepest being, but in religion we often think together as a whole and the one who does not participate is isolated.

Buddhists are much more flexible in this (religious) field, because they are tolerant in thought and especially recommend mutual social respect. Michel van Lint speaks Chinese by his marriage and therefore knows the culture thoroughly. He received great recognition as an CFI ambassador at the Dortmund fair.

After his decision to quit the active sport, this was a well-deserved reward for his life’s work that classifies him both Belgian and internationally in the gallery of the greats of pigeon sport. He’s a highly respected personality in pigeon sport in the Far East. Especially in the last year, when he was already 84, he focused on the combined method without antibiotics and was able to show good results:

8 Youngsters listed at the CFW Walloon Long Distance Race Club.

2 hens that (8 and 9 times out of 10 possible flights) won national prizes in the PIPA ranking.

230 prices on domestic flights (average of 26 prices per flight).

A second national against 20,000 pigeons from Montluçon.

Partly by his information, Comed was able to develop a special Chinese care system, adapted to their game and specific challenges.  This game is very simple and transparent.

It’s all about the young pigeon. He is quickly trained to participate in competitions that involve a lot (of money). By the end of the season, 90% of these young pigeons were removed from the scene because they were no longer good. Of the remaining elite a generation is cultivated for the next season. This is a very direct and honest logic with a special approach in terms of care.

Therefore, Comed responded with a customised Chinese system.

It concerns Lysocur Forte and, above all, MyobolThey have the same effects as Curol and Winmix together, but the accents are different.

In our Chinese system, Myobol ensures fast development.



We can only conclude that with Myobol, the chick is weaned a week earlier, because it is developing very quickly. A rich muscle mass and skin oil on the primary pens of the plumage are immediately noticed. To eat independently in an earlier phase is a crucial factor and has a great advantage. When feeding crop milk, infections are inevitably transmitted by the parents.  They already have a very developed immune system, while young pigeons are still developing their own system.  Given the package that is included from birth and used day after day, it is always possible to have a temporary immunity gap.

On the one hand, Lysocur Forte is a complete supplement (vitamins, amino acids, prebiotics, etc.) and on the other hand it plays a major role in the defence against diseases.

When the care with these two products is continued during the races, the muscular strength increases steadily, the young pigeons become stronger and can – without falling back – make flights of up to 500 to 600 km.

The Chinese pigeon sport is well served, but also the Western, because Myobol is an ideal muscle building agent, in all circumstances, for the young as well as the yearlings and the old.


      Western and Eastern systems require the use of Roni and Fertibol during breeding.

      Sanitary care during the year with Stopmite  against parasites and Clean Oral in drinking and bath water.

It’s up to the fancier to analyze the difference.

Next, the doses of Myobol, Lysocur Forte, Roni and Stopmite: 1 tablespoon per kilo of food per day.

Give 1 tablespoon per kilo of Fertibol during breeding.

Comedol or Curol can be used as an additional adhesive if desired.

Clean Oral: 2 ml on 2 litres of drinking water per day (never in combination with apple vinegar).

These remedies must be administered daily.

It is preferable to reduce the daily dose by half instead of giving it every other day.

You can also prepare these substances for a whole week when they are stored in a plastic bucket, closed with a lid.